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The chairman of the upcoming Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger has dismissed signs of a rift between France and Germany over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, saying there was no link between that and French President Emmanuel Macron's cancellation of a joint appearance with Chancellor Angela Merkel at this year's conference. Wolfgang Ischinger told DW that the European project is still strong and touched upon some of the other issues expected to come up at next week's meeting.

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dave manning
For such smart people Germans keep making terrible mistakes, Merkels treachery will bring them undone yet again,backstabbing the US seems to be her trademark foreign policy platform, what is certain is that the US will not be there for Germany when Mr Putin takes Germany "under his wing" stupid old ex commie pig woman is a disaster for Germany.
Christopher Richard Wade Dettling
The Dieselgate aristocracy of Eurocentric Eurocracy must turn its back upon modern European unreason and espouse the Western traditions of Jerusalem, Athens and Rome: Bonapartism is undone in the supremacy of Americanism.
Anthony Lemkendorf
Anytime it appears as though Germany is getting into bed again with Russia, it is going to destabilize Central and Western Europe. This is the unfortunate geographic German reality.Germany can never win this game.Never has and never will.
Mohammad Ashraf
Just before this Munich conference NS-2 issue has been settled. I have a feeling there will be pressure for concessions from Russia on the missile issue in the Conference!!
Moses Lochang
Germany know what they want and they go for it France has interest in supplying gas to Europe but I think competition should be the way to go.
Ralf Rath
Yes - this is world war 3. A pipeline - only a pipeline! - is dangerous but a pipeline is even not a weapon. How many nukes exist in our world??? I would advise the people of the Security Conference to think about the nukes and atomic subs in our world.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
The United States is not only power in the world, and it scares them. It causes them to react aggressively and be erratic.
There has already been a compromise made over Nord Stream 2. Frankly, the media is, as usual, making way too much out of it.
Brian Russel
WHAT friction between France & Germany ?!
Onkar Sawant
EU is finished. Technocrats just don't see it yet.
just curious, who would nato forces side with if germany and france go to war?
Al Demir
They can't stand each other but at least they are together for better protection and economic benefit
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MSC 2019 analysis: Merkel, Pence Is European security under threat 2 days ago   04:24

The focus for final day of the Munich Security Conference 2019 is on the Middle East, with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif taking to the podium. A clash between the US and Europe was already in evidence the day before, when US Vice President Mike Pence demanded that the EU to follow Washington's lead and pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Pence accused Europe of undermining US sanctions. Amid the growing divide between the US and Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the Iran agreement as a key channel to Tehran and stressed the need for international diplomacy. DW Talks with political scientist Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group.

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