(Guard Dogs!) EXPLORING AIRPLANE Why Do These Songs Sound Exactly 3 weeks ago   16:22

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby risk exploring an abandoned airplane boneyard/graveyard thats guarded by dogs. This was dangerous...

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Sam and Colby
Dem xplr gloves thooooo... haha get ready for 2019 everybody!!! It's about to be amazing
Joshua Gilpin
I go passed the airplane graveyard every time I go drive across the country or go to Arizona. It’s the one thing I look forward to whenever go passed Tahachapi
Krista Buddy
About 2 years ago I got to go into the cockpit and the piolet let press a button to help the plane get ready for take off.
The Simple Life
“I’m just gonna lay down and act like he doesn’t see me”

Haha haha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love it!!!
Why the hell is there dislikes like fuck haters bro🤬😡😤
HUR X.Ollie
Brenda Morales
Sometimes Sam and Colby get me scared
Kim Moore
German Shepherd's and jump over fences like it's nothing
Ben awesome gaming !!!!!
Pls sub to Ben awesome gaming on YouTube
victoria humphries
Hey we love u gyes
Sarah Carpenter
who else is binge watching because they’re in jail?😂
The Real, and BIGGEST, Lucariofangirl
If i saw the dog, LITERALLY, the only thought that would be going though my mind right now, would be: "PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!" 😍😍😍😍
2 white guys making there way downtown while a giant dog chases them...
London’s Vlogs And more
Colby: We come in peace doggies
Dogs: Pieces? Looks like I don’t have to do my job their already in pieces
Isabela West
Why jeans?
MALU girl
i got your Merch
Stacie Wolf
Is anyone watching the this after they got arrested
taylor unicorntb2009
How is colbey Freekin single he is adorable
Harry Potato
10:46 airforce one
BTS is Awesome
I hate the Desert in the summer it’s horrible but in the winter it’s cold af
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Why Do These Songs Sound Exactly (Guard Dogs!) EXPLORING AIRPLANE 3 weeks ago   07:49

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