Thousands Protest Abortion Bans What Alabama’s abortion ban really 2 days ago   18:27

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MARCH AGAINST 'DRACONIAN' ABORTION BANS: Thousands are expected to march in front of the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., as part of a national day of action to demand an end to 'draconian' abortion bans that have been introduced in states like Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, and Mississippi. Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen is expected to speak.
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Frank Williams
Women are so pathetic and evil. We should have never let these demons vote
mclsadj Nelkner
...and the home of the free...
MrLTD1100 Steve
This should stir all women to join the political fight for the good of the country. More women Senators, Judges and Governors needed badly. Women form the proportional majority, it's time to be properly represented by women in the government.
Pei Qi
All the best America. I don’t know what happened to this country, but I hope for better days.
This channel isn't even trying to hide its Soros allegiances anymore.
Rob Murdock
Dont forget that GOD killed every firstborn (baby and adult alike) when Moses wanted his people go. Remember that story Christians? But keep being pro birth becuse when they are born... 🖕its your problem.
Patriarchy says to American women ; “I can protect you from annihilation. I alone can protect you.” (Sound familiar? It should.) “All that you have to is submit to me, and realize that every time I hurt you, it’s for your own good.” Wtf?! Ahhh. Doesn’t that sound just like the logic of an abuser? It is. That is why so many people who end up in abusive relationships are those who’ve been haunted by the fear of annihilation, of abandonment. Perhaps they’ve been abused or neglected as kids, perhaps they’ve been ostracized or shunned or punished by institutions. Whatever the cause, people fall into abusive relationships when their fear of annihilation is so intense that they’ll submit to punishment, perhaps even severe punishment, rather than be ended. And as they submit, they believe that the punishment is good,  after all, it’s the thing “protecting” them from annihilation, isn’t it? Patriarchy, psychologically, is striking up just that kind of abusive bargain with American women. It’s a big problem. A huge one. And I have to tell you that I think so far American feminism is falling short. It strikes me as, too often, superficial, impotent, corrupted by the very things it hopes to challenge. I can’t help but see in it the critique that so many minority women make of it: “you’re only fighting for the right to be patriarchs…to be greedy, self-interested, self-absorbed, vain, violent. You’re not really challenging patriarchy,  you’re just submitting to it, and you don’t even know it.” It’s not just the patriarchs who are to blame. I think American women, too, have a lot of soul searching to do. They’ve, enough of them have   bought into male violence, into dominance, into being meekly being rewarded for pleasing and serving them, into hierarchies of such rewards, in ways that they’re not quite fully aware of  and that’s a social and statistical reality, evidenced by light-speed regress. I don’t say that in a mean way, or in a condemning one. But in a positive one. Other societies have indeed made much progress when it comes to besting patriarchy. American can, too. It’s far from impossible. But what such severe regress in America tells,  regress supported by enough American women for it to happen,  is that something has probably gone badly wrong with American feminism, too.    ~PEACE! (much respect and keep fighting!)
Amy Thompson
Conservatives, the dregs of humanity
Logical Conservative
Conservative women: "I should be responsible for my own actions."
Leftist women: "Someone else needs to pay for my poor decisions. How about the baby?"
God's Coming Wrath
Thousands of Godless women! And they wonder why ........
Logical Conservative
Here we see adult women advocating for the deaths of younger women on the basis of convenience, and because the younger women cannot speak to defend themselves.
Carmen Santana
Jack Booted Hug
*_is the man going to give me a haircut mommy?_*
Republicans throw children in cages and have no problem with kids shooting other kids in schools yet they dare to call themselves pro life!! Get the F**** out of here!!
Environmental Coffeehouse
I would have been there if I was healthy. I marched in DC in the 80’s and 90’s. Can’t believe we still have this fight.
John Doe
*sips tea from my "Female Tears" mug*
Hannibal S. Thompson
I'm all for allowing the Sexually Irresponsible hump themselves out of the Gene Pool, a woman can only have a few abortions and then their chance of getting pregnant goes down to Zero and I say let them do so, with any luck in a few generations they'll be all gone and we won't have to deal with this issue any longer, Win Win!!!!
Annika Saunders
Why haven’t people decided to stop traveling to those states. Make them lose tourist money.
Kevin Thompson
George Soros rallies are classic
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What Alabama’s abortion ban really Thousands Protest Abortion Bans 2 days ago   06:55

Alabama passed the country’s most restrictive abortion ban, virtually eliminating all abortions except when the mother’s life is in danger. Here’s why Alabama lawmakers think it’ll hold up in court.


What the Alabama abortion bill really aims to do

25 men voted to advance most restrictive abortion ban in the country. The bill now goes to the female governor.

What happens next with Alabama's near-total abortion ban

Which US states have recently passed abortion bans?

Alabama Aims Squarely at Roe, but the Supreme Court May Prefer Glancing Blows

7 States Have Passed Bills This Year to Narrow the Window for Abortion

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