Kafka Tutorial - Core Concepts Hadoop Tutorial 1 - What is Hadoop? 9 months ago   13:04

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In this session, we will cover following things.
1. Producer
2. Consumer
3. Broker
4. Cluster
5. Topic
6. Partitions
7. Offset
8. Consumer groups
We also cover a high-level example for Kafka use case.


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Robin Dong
this video answered all question about kafka. thanks.
nazeer abdul
Very well explained in simple terms.
Travel Diaries
Great Tutorial really helpful
Виталий Булдаков
It would be great to have subtitles in your lessons. Anyway, thanks a lot!
Mostafa Flaifel
SivaBalan Kumaravel
Very well explained. Good for Kafka beginners.
deekshit kumar
Well explained, Thank you so much sir :) :)
franklin silva
Straight to the point! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!
Joshua Fishman
Very simple and clear explanation. Thank you for your help.
Jerwin Samuel
Thank you.
Dhiraj Kumar
5:00 But the queschan is which data, hun, which data :D
Rafael Paz
Tks mate! Great video
Nasty Mixture
Thank you sir
He is really good at explaining which a beginner can understand. Excellent videos
@12:38 correction: more than one, not more than two. It is corrected in the course transcripts.
Manjunath T
Understood clearly...Thank you so much
Piotr Ka
consumer writes data to a persistent storage or is kafka broker reponsible for that?
Rohit Mishra
simple explanation with a touch of humor. love this series. all the best to you :) :)
Javier Macineiras
Very well explained. Thank you!
mani ratnam
Thank you so much for this explanation, its simply superb and easy to understand
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Hadoop Tutorial 1 - What is Hadoop? Kafka Tutorial - Core Concepts 9 months ago   15:42

This video explains what is Apache Hadoop. You will get a brief overview on Hadoop. Subsequent videos explain the details.