Netflix's Hollywood Rivals Are Spoiling How Disney will force Netflix 1 day ago   04:49

Wall Street Journal
Disney, AT&T and Comcast have plans to enter the streaming-video ring, armed with well-known TV and movie brands. But can they hold their own against industry juggernaut Netflix? Photo illustration: Heather Seidel/The Wall Street Journal

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Bilal Pervaiz
so I need to pay every company separately for their content instead of paying only to netflix, bullsh*t, if there will be companies like netflix offers all brands content unver one brand name like netflix then competition will be good not like that every company is making its own streaming service just for their couple of movies.
Unless all the new services work in the same countries as Netflix on day 1 all over the world and have good pricing globally maybe. But if they stay only in the USA Netflix will always win. Because we wont be able to have them.
Hello There
Wait Comcast Owns Xfinity And Sky And Comcast Xfinity X1 Has Netflix So What Should We Do
John Doe Mexico
Netflix will win
Guy Chapman
Nbc channels suck tho
Sebastian Martinez
Disney gunna destroy nextflix in a couple years especially for 6.99 but i cant believe u guys pay for this shit. Its free somewhere if u put the work into looking for it
Majid Mohamed
It's been great paying for Netflix...I guess back to torrant, piratebay 🤣 n annoying pop-ups! Thanx cooperate greed
Well theres lot of free pirated streaming services on the net.. Ill turn to tht. I cant afford to pay multiple services.
Abu Feras Abdullah
Thanks Amazing Report
Aarav Jilka
Did I just see ancient "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" as some enticing content?
Isaiah 11:12 the Lord speaking
Tyler Shane
hands down Disney will be the biggest competitor based on brand recognition and beloved content alone.
Rohan Naik
In next 5 year Netflix is dead since it will loose in India which is most populated in the world and the one who succeed in India will survive .
kippo tang
As soon as Netflix blocks Georgia and support Anti-Life baby killers , they should look forward for bankruptcy filing . Because they will loose all the Pro-Life members. Once you loose 15% of your members and new competitions are on, Netflix light will go off. Good luck Netflix
John Manoochehri
Production standards on this video are lame.
We The People
Won’t touch Comcast, Fake News Outfit. Netflix makes is own movies. Plus I have cancelled all my cable subscriptions 2 years ago.
First Class Citizen
Netflix just raised their rates again to $15.99/month for 4K content . At what point do we say enough is enough? It's getting a bit ridiculous. Undoubtedly in another five years, it'll probably be upwards of $25/month. For some people, it's worth it. I get it. They love their shows and can't do without it. But with so much subscription fatigue from so many sources, it becomes overwhelming on the wallet. Maybe it's a wake up call to now ditch a majority of subscription services and focus on real life things and experiences instead.
Landon Thomas
I better get on it and finish all the seasons of the Office and Friends!
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How Disney will force Netflix Netflix's Hollywood Rivals Are Spoiling 1 day ago   04:58

By late 2019, Disney has promised to launch its own online streaming service, further complicating the options for viewers who just want to watch their favorite films and TV online. The competition between streaming services has been great for consumers, so far. Outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Shudder, and Filmstruck have been ramping up content and giving us a lot for very little money, but they have the power to take it away too (password lockdowns, pull content). As corporate consolidation heats up, that deal may get a lot worse -- and fast.

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