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ACRAIGDOG565 scarce
Knicks probably gonna trade the state of new york for zion.
adrian lago
Thus manz has tinder
yosef haiem
Jacob Tyler
18:55 you're a fool dude, that's why Mike Schmitz is an actual NBA scout and you're on youtube. He simply said his passing style is similar to Trae Young, that was it. Your analysis of a professional who analyzes for a living was shit dude. You stay on youtube and let the pro scouts do their thing.
I remember the the NBA draft lottery being so much more transparent than this. Number combinations and a bunch of statistical manipulation. I remember watching the '93 draft lottery when Orlando won the first pick 2 years in a row and way seemed a lot more simplistic and without a lot of picks 1 through 4 nonsense where 4 teams are sort of locked in for the 1st overall pick
Where's the rig?
Brandon Edwards
The fact that the lakers and pels were able to move that high up while the suns and cavs get shafted shows how bad the new lottery rules are. All that’s happening is the actually bad teams stay bad. Fuck the 76ers and their incompetency for starting all this.
It's Anthony123
i know AD regrets requesting that trade now😂😂😂😂
Raphael Thomas
Jami Gertz owns the Atlanta Hawks???
Lakers are 100% moving up. Legit. Nobody wants to see Zion play for NO. Legit Zion does not wanna play there, his career gonna go to waste. Either LA trades the 4th with kuzma, Ingram, and future picks or the knicks some how trade the 3rd with Knox, smith jr and future picks.

Idk much about the nba because I’m more of a nhl fan but I know damn well how small of a market NO and Memphis is. Please I hope one of the teams take the number one pick away from NO. Davis still wants out so
Korve King
Laker fan since magic all the way in Chicago!
Matthew Gordon
Wait when the top four was decided were the odds the same for all the teams?
Alexandre Ganhito
Poor Ja Morant
King 20A
pizzahut ?
Terrence T123
Joenel Saracho
Zion is thinking please the lakers please the lakers then the rigged lottery new orleans wtf going back to duke now
•Moon- Ster
Aww suns landed in 6th

Edit: wait wait so it came true cause in 2k19 my league i plaued it im in team pelicans i traded my 5th pick and my other player for the first pick and its true
Courtney Beamon
I think it was rigged just a bit to keep trade talk goin around LeBron.. Will Anthony stay or choose to go against. I mean yal dont find it a bit funny that Lakers and Pelicans was in the top 4.. I feel that was a planned suspense move..And the chances of him going to the Very team that's been mainly in trade talk with Lakers.. Ijs
Greener Grass
(whew)....I thought the NY KNICKS wound up with Daniel Jones from the NY GIANTS.
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