Tidying Up My NYC Office - Marie Kondo Does Marie Kondo Spark 2 months ago   08:23

Sara Dietschy
Going to Konmari my way to organizational heaven. My apartment next??
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Marie Kondo has a new show on netflix called "tidying up". She is so sick and I love her energy and non judgmental way of organizing and cleaning haha. this was fun! shoutout to mom also

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Tuesday Evenings
Wait Sara I need a phone to put my sim into lemme get whatever you wanna throw away!
Namer Hurr
Philosophers: 7:36
Love your videos - btw, if I ever called my mum by her first name I'd get slapped LOL! - :P
Ben Lebowitz
I tried Kondo'ing my dresser last weekend. Failed after drawer two. Also the thing they don't tell you is that you have to KEEP UP with the newly organized system you put in place. Nope. haha
Drive Buss
Sara, why are you soooo beautiful
Serena Nanely
Your hair looked amazing curly! Each time you straightened a piece I was like nooooo lol
Wake up Elon 😂
AlexOnail CJ
Why the fuck she has all that storage, is she planning to record her life and keep it, who the fuck gonna have time to watch all that, delete and let things go girl
“That’s what we are reaching for here at peachy enterprises” 😂👍🏻
Ajinkya Kandalkar
I am watching this 7th time.
What?!? I love the red iPhone. Not only did they start by donating to aids when people bought the special red. But the new xr is what I can’t wait to update to when I start making money again. Grad life is poor life for now. Love that you have a Tim ham painting in the back. Did he paint or spray or marker that canvas?
William Medina
Oh my wife started Bing watching Marie Kondo.... It drove me crazy.
Joseph Böhme
Musk is Joy?
Stefan Modigh
Put wheels on everything, that way you can move stuff easily and mix it up a bit. :)
Hello! :)
ERM video
You are why I started YouTube
Moving out of this office?? Why? You just reorganized your creative studio back in october!?
Actually just here to say thanks, because I came across your videos one day and decided I want to start doing it too!
Noelle P
Holy crap though. Your natural curls are so pretty! You should keep some of the waves/curls at the bottom/underneath sometime. It could look tight fr.
legit looks like my whole house, and yes it still sparks joy.
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Does Marie Kondo Spark Tidying Up My NYC Office - Marie Kondo 2 months ago   07:25

The new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo argues the best way to stay organized is to hold onto only the items that "spark joy" in your life and get rid of the rest. But the movement hasn't been without criticism from some who say getting rid of things you might need later, just because they don't spark joy in the moment, is a privilege not everyone can afford. Jim Braude was joined by Tina Opie, associate professor of management at Babson College; and Jen Deaderick, author of ‘She The People,’ an illustrated history of women's citizenship.