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How Did Red Bull Get So Big? | New Coke - A Complete Disaster? - At Up-Tube.com

How Did RED BULL Get So Big? New Coke - A Complete Disaster? 2 days ago   10:29

Company Man
Red Bull is the #1 energy drink in the world. It’s sold in almost every country and is one of the most valuable brands in existence. This video talks about how this small company formed and grew into the giant they are today.

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Comments 2718 Comments

At least Peter Griffin once felt like he just got home.
Blaine Hernandez
U should do a video about the Jordan brand
Nathan Braun
red bulls are just too expensive, and they aren't even as good as the cheap energy drinks
monster sells a douche image redbull less so
Tuber Youb
His son is now 51% owner of RedBull
Capt. Rich
Thai Red Bull is kick a$$, wind up and GO!
Michael Medina
I like rockstar
I prefer how Redbull tastes and they’re usually in smaller cans than Monster and I don’t want a whole lot to drink. Especially from a can that I can’t reseal.
Michael Mccarthy
1st tried Red Bull around 2003. They handed them out free at an industry sponsored car event. I didn't like them.
I dont think I've had one since.
i buy it because my job is so full of energy if i don’t have it i’ll be fired in a matter of hours and, i don’t really enjoy coffee.
Ivy Y
In my opinion Red Bull tastes 100x better than monster
Yogirl Cheeks
Whenever I get Red Bull I get the light blue can which is the no sugar one it taste better imo then the standard one has to much sugar
Yogirl Cheeks
I fuck with monster for the price red bull is just robbing you out of yo money for a small as can
Marvin Ntale
I think your analysis of red bull is incredibly lacking, i didn't get the answers i wanted for example they own multiple largely successful football clubs in NY, Austria,Germany. they own formula 1 teams, they have so much you didn't talk about
NextGen Duelist
For me Red Bull is the most effective energy drink and I've become a loyal buyer of them. They also to me are more classy and are more valuable than other energy drinks.
Jorge C.
I’m a bit disappointed that you didn’t mention any of the 4 soccer teams they own, RB Leipzig, FC Red Bull Salzburg, New York Red Bulls, and Red Bull Brazil!!
Red Bull has never disappointed me so I always ended up drinking a Red Bull before I go work out. Today I would drink the cheapest good tasting energy drink, so I really don’t drink Red Bull as much as I used to. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄🤓🤓🤓🤓🤔🤔🤔
Make Styles
redbull has mastered the proper taste of energy drinks
Kopil Infinit Albania
In Germany we have aside from Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar "copycat" brands such as Kong Strong (Lidl), Strong Force (Aldi), Maximal G (Penny/Rewe/Toom), Crazy Wolf (Kaufland), Effect and even Golden Eagle (from Kosovo)!
Mnqobi Ngubane
Its the Jager-bombs, we're all alcoholics
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New Coke - A Complete Disaster? How Did RED BULL Get So Big? 2 days ago   11:19

In the 1980's Coca-Cola seemingly lost their minds when they completely changed the recipe of their soda. This video explores the incident and why it failed.

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