Tom Brady says it makes him 'cringe' Tom Brady leaves with Lombardi 3 months ago   06:50

ABC News
The New England Patriots quarterback opened up to ABC News' Michael Strahan about football and family after his 6th Super Bowl victory.


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Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey
New Orleans saints
6 Super Bowl rings, 6. He has as many Super Bowl rings as Joe Montana and John Elway combined.
Gerald Schutte
There will never, ever be another QB like Tom Brady!! There will never be another Dynasty like the Patriots!! 6 Super Bowl Wins, that's unheard of!! Tom Brady is in a class of his own. He continues to rewrite history & change the physics of Athletic aging. This man doesn't look like a 42 year old. For the 2019 Season I got the Patriots as my AFC representative for the Super Bowl.......who you got? And I'm a Packers fan, so let's put this Brady-Rodgers argument to bed right now. Rodgers isn't in the same league as Brady..........Brady is the G.O.A.T.!!!!!!!!
Unbelieveable upbringing and class in his answers. Tom Brady is not just the GOAT in NFL, he's also an amazingly grounded well-balanced person. He's in elite company like President Obama - truly amazing people
ThisMyCollection 2
I phoned him today. All I got was six rings!
Nicolas Sproge
When your daughter gets too used to you going to Super Bowls
here you have the Michael Jordan of Football
Cristie A
When two people who come from strong family units come together
I remember the game when Bledsoe got pumelled, and Brady stepped in...
Kris Skora
What we saying?

Brady GOAT
Montana GOAT
Chris Slater
The Brady is too good looking to be an American! He most secretly be Russian or French. Most Americans are fat and ugly except in Hollywood or if you’re modeling in New York.
Antione Berry
my american dream is to be a college professor and a professional writer!
Antione Berry
why can't the detroit lions🦁go to the super-bowl 6 times!
Ted Day
Haters need help.
Ralph Peer
Sorry. People. But. I can’t honor a person who has to cheat to win
novato tornero
Cheating Bastard Tom Brady is blessed by Satan Cheating Bastard Brady is not a great person, he never congratulated Nick Foles when the Eagles defeated the Cheatriots at Super Bowl LII.
D.I.C is what I call him. Deflator In Chief
Introverts for the win!
sailsail sailsail
So spygate, deflate gate, and now booty gate... What a class organization.
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Tom Brady leaves with Lombardi Tom Brady says it makes him 'cringe' 3 months ago   03:14

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady leaves Mercedes-Benz Stadium with the Lombardi Trophy after receiving a quick pep talk from comedian Kevin Hart.

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Tom Brady leaves with Lombardi Trophy after encounter with Kevin Hart | FOX NFL

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