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Everyone Missed These Major James Bond Details
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The 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, will be hitting the big screen in April 2020 and the hype for the Silver Jubilee of this British Spy is starting to build up. It’s been a rocky journey for this film, with original director Danny Boyle leaving due to creative differences, which brought in the unexpected choice of Cary Joji Fukanaga to bring the movie to life. For quite a while, Daniel Craig, who will be 51 by the time of the film’s release, did NOT want to return to the role but it seems that the studios eventually changed his mind.

Helping bring the film to life is the writing skills of Killing Eve’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a fact that makes this upcoming production very interesting. Joining Bond are Miss Moneypenny, Q, M and Felix Leiter, back together on screen since the end of the 80s. Back from the previous film is Lea Seydoux’s Madeleine Swan, making her one of the very few Bond Girls to return for more than one movie. We can expect a lot of action in this film and a lot of Aston Martins, three unique models exact which will be captured in both 35mm and IMAX’s 65mm. Bond will also be returning to Jamaica, a location that is quite important to the franchise. Bond will also return to the UK and visit Italy and

Bond fans may have thought Christoph Waltz’s Blofeld was returning based on a rumored leaked title, Shatterhand, but then Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek was cast as the villain-the third Oscar winner to land the role in a row. However, due to injuries and his age, it seems this will be Craig’s last outing as Bond-for real this time. Craig passed a lot of the stunts onto his double for this one, which is understandable.

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Robert S Magill
James Bond (007) is a man! A woman in his role is ridiculous!
Alexander Hunt
Connery was 52 in Never Say Never, Again.
Bob Gilchrist
Mads Mikkelsen was the best Bond villain ever, for me.
Mark Connor
If 007 is gonna be female in future im done?
Love To Travel
If M says “stop monkeying around 007” there is going to be one hell of a lawsuit.
Tracie Paterson
If they give this role to a woman,it will be the end of Bond......
For goodness sake just leave things alone....
Bond is MALE and should always be....l
Michael Brown
Can't wait till April. I've seen ever JB movie, some more than a dozen times. Daniel Craig could do the next one too.  Fight ageism, it's time for a 60 year old Bond.
Dean Kuga
So this is it... the last white male Bond?
Jonathan Karl
As Bond - Idris Elba 😎
michael lannen
There are many choices I would like to be considered. BUT under no circumstances would I accept a women, this is meant to be a handsome charming muscular man who can get women to do his biding. MKL&ML
KC Gunkerstein
With all the talk about diversifying the Bond character- I think Idris Elba would make a great Bond, even though he isn't much younger then Craig.
Danial Craig is by far the Bond ever! Not only does he act the part, he looks the part. Oh yeah and sounds the part.Craig is just an amazing actor and portrays this character like no one else has done in the films history, nothing against Sir Sean Connery, I just think Craig had the technology and the health and fitness trend in his corner.
Praveen Golla
Tom ellis should be the perfect james bond
Reginald Dove
Henry Cavill as James Bond
Jason Statham as the new villain!
Reginald Dove
Jason Statham would the most badass bond villain ever!
Henry Cavill would make a terrific 007 after seeing him in MI Fallout
James Campbell
Sorry but Lynch is not pretty, and would not make a good James Bond 007; this will be the only James Bond I don't own or go to see.
I want to see Spy Gadgets, I want to see Spector, see exsotic location, amazing real(no CGI) car chases.
Like with Star Wars im done.
Manuel Gil
See you all when this movie gets a flop on the box office
Matthew Brown
James Spader would pay a good villain, suave and would definitely give the evil plan away in a great long monologue ;-)
Go ahead place a woman in the role and watch attendance take one hell of a hit.
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James Bond - No Time To Die: 25 Details About James Bond 1 day ago   02:40

Raw footage. The man behind the bike stunt: Paul "Fast Eddy" Edmondson, british former pro-motorcycle enduro racer, four-time World Enduro Champion. Bike: A special version of Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC (by Triumph team)