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Value of an MBA

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College is worth it. MBA is worth it. The only caveat is that the school has to be prestigious.
Beant Kaur
I did my graduation course in arts ( economics , elective eng , music) can I apply for MBA
samir hiddani
instead of getting an MBA go start a business ... it's way more worth it than an overpriced scam
Jaime Arre
Hello I was recently accepted into the Texas A&M MBA program either with a concentration on healthcare, finance, accounting or pure MBA and can start on 27 August 2018. Has anyone heard of CSU-G’s MHA and how does that compare? Any info would be appreciated!
I am doing a MBA because I am currently in the Army and the Army is paying for it. When I leave in 2021, I will leave with a security clearance and a MBA.
onyo abuya
I NEED to go for MBA Two years program
onyo abuya
Thank you. You are approachable Institution. NB: I need furthering my studies through your help. I'm from south sudan stranded but yearning for masters programs
The Game Tent
Getting my MBA from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio next year. Even going to go for my DBA after that. Looking forward to it.
dank apologist
i would never marry a woman with 100k debt. sheesh
med ray
MBA is a scam. My gf got one, but she is working at the same bank.
Sean Medrano
55k a year? I got my BS in Electrical Engineering less than 40k lol.
Nelson Morndolo-paye
I'm still in high school graduating next year. I'm really interested in majoring in international business, but i have a stuttering problem it makes it harder for me to give presentation in class. I'm very shy so can you guys please give me a advice on what to do?
Prudent Student
I am currently in Japan, in one of the best schools in the country, in a
global MBA program. How do you guy feel this MBA will be received in
the US?
Ronald McDonald
I need advice from experienced individuals who have gone through the MBA process. I recently graduated with a BA from Syracuse and the job market in Upstate New York has not been very kind. I was originally thinking law school, but the three years seems daunting. That one extra year in school and one less year in the work force seems very costly when you factor in average tuition rates. Is an MBA from a school ranked somewhere in the top 30-50 still worth it? My GPA was a 3.8, but my test scores have only been around the 50th percentile. I am hoping to attend either Rutgers, Pittsburgh, or Buffalo.
Gib Gob
I would think that a CPA license is more valuable than an MBA. Any opinions? Hardcore CPA's know the nuts and bolts of business inside and out I would assume!
Mba's are overrated and overpriced for 90% of people that get them!!!
She's fine
Giving up 80-100k (salary+bonus) to go to an MBA program would be irrational for someone like me with a mortgage and two kids. I will attend a public university (CSU) to accomplish my personal MBA goal. If this boosts my salary to 120k, I'd be just as happy as the girl from Wharton
Raj A
In 2008 I posted a yahoo question asking if I should leave my ft job which paid 100k for an MBA and most said no. Since then I made 250-400k per year but my industry is changing. I'm back looking if an MBA makes sense but cannot justify 180k for an ivy league and leaving a well paying job.
masubbi rahaman
nice platform.
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MBA Interviews - Preparing for Behavioral and General Value of an MBA 3 months ago   07:57

Invited to interview at a top MBA program? Congratulations! You're one step closer to acceptance. Now you just need to prepare for that crucial meeting.

But the MBA admissions interview is changing. Schools are incorporating behavioral and general questions.

In this video, Linda Abraham teaches you how to:
* Prepare for your MBA admissions interview so that you can answer impressively whatever the question type.
* Mine your experiences and connect your most important accomplishments to your knowledge of the interviewing school.
* Respond to THE most common MBA admissions interview question: Why an MBA and Why This School.