How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon We Hired An Underwater Drone Operator 10 months ago   08:54

Wall Street Journal
Chinese sellers resort to a wide range of cunning techniques to manipulate product listings on Amazon and boost sales. WSJ’s Jon Emont investigates their strategies and explains how consumers can detect sham listings. Image: Crystal Tai. Video: Clément Bürge/WSJ

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Thomas the Dank
alexa play *March of the Volunteers*
Wondershare Filmora looks a Scam a lot of people, the business doesn't look like real, the software does not function properly and not customer services please check this company
Sean W
Most products that aren’t on “Amazon Prime” comes from China. Takes a month or longer to arrives and best believe it’s counterfeit.
Victor Hugo
ban amazon
Victor Hugo
ban google
Tony Faxton
I bought memory form pillow for men, they sent me kiddie size. I bought Nike shoes, it's a fake. I also bought grill cover with canvas material, they sent me cheap plastic/thin cover that's worth 1 dollar from Ali Express. I bought Chanel perfume, they sent me fake Chennel perfume. I bought music CD, without realizing the seller was sending it from overseas by SHIP. It took 3 months when I gave up. It never showed. I made complaint, they just gave me my money back. Out of spite, I ordered one more time from another seller. Same problem.

AMAZON is full of fake products, you may not even know. They abuse on consumers who can't tell the difference. If a consumer make an issue and complaint, that it's fake, they just refund the money as if nothing happened. Imagine millions of customers who can't tell the difference, and buy the regular price for fake products from AMAZON. I stopped shopping at Amazon now for about two years. I only buy books. Everything else, I go to department stores or Bestbuy where I can actually take a look and guaranteed not fake ones.

BIG Shame on Amazon.
I paid someone to give this comment lots of likes. But I think I’ve been scammed.
n v
a good reason to not use amazon
christie bowman
80% of stuff I've bought is Amazon is JUNK!
Rob Lambert
The words China and Scammer are synonymous. They are hand in hand. China's deliberate intentions in which people get promotions is from scamming Americans. Saddest part? Us Americans are so stupid we let them do it.
8:06 In Hong Kong.
BlurBerry Creative
Just look if it's verified or not, with pictures
T Man
I hate the Chinese culture....Bunch of crooks....
Jupiter Rueda de Leon
Amazon sucks to work for..
7:19 rules are made by corrupts, but i guess you didnt know that
Ibrahim S
A Chinese guy named "Howard" lol.
Kevin Bhasi
5:15 Or the country for the respective Amazon site
Nilesh Kumar Routray
Chinese are like born cheaters and scammers..........feel bad for those who actually are good Chinese people
"civil and criminal penalties" is laughable considering they are a US based company trying to go after Chinese sellers that are often times operating completely within local laws.
Jane Crowe
why I don't buy on amazon anymore. Bought way too much poorly made products. Easier to visit local stores and see the products. Plus I hate the cardboard boxes.
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We Hired An Underwater Drone Operator How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon 10 months ago   05:56

The Chicago river isn’t known for its fish — quite the opposite. It was once a dumping ground for everything from industrial waste in the early 20th century, to 800 pounds of human waste from Dave Matthews’ tour bus in 2004. But, thanks to cleanup efforts, there are fish in the river. And now, they’re at the center of a lawsuit that pits the state of Illinois against the Trump Organization.

The lawsuit, filed in August, involves Chicago’s Trump Tower. For years now, the building has been taking in close to 20 million gallons of Chicago river water each day to cool its air conditioning system.

While the practice itself isn’t unusual, environmental groups say the quantity of water the tower takes in, and then releases, is far larger than most buildings of similar size along the river. Moreover, the Trump Organization hasn’t performed the environmental assessments required under the Clean Water Act — assessments aimed at showing that the tower’s water intakes aren’t affecting local wildlife.

“We've stocked almost 300,000 native Illinois fish in this system, so if you're pulling that water in faster than our fish can swim, those fish can get killed in that system,” says John Quail, Director of Watershed Planning at Friends of the Chicago River, one of the environmental groups involved in the state’s lawsuit. “So that's one big concern of ours.”

The Trump Organization didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment. But shortly after the lawsuit was filed, it told reporters that it was “disappointed that the Illinois attorney general would choose to file this suit,” adding that “one can only conclude that this decision was motivated by politics."

That analysis doesn't square with the facts of the case, says Mark Templeton, a law professor at the University of Chicago and one of the lead attorneys overseeing the lawsuit.

“They’re the second largest withdrawer of water from the Chicago River, and they are the only one of the top 15 who are not complying with the law,” he told VICE News. “So they can call it politically motivated if they want to, but it is environmentally motivated.”

To get a better look at the issue at hand, VICE News took a boat to Chicago’s Trump tower and used an underwater drone — at least, until the cops showed up.

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