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Front Row Disneyworld Parade Fire | - At Up-Tube.com

FRONT ROW Disneyworld Parade Fire 2 months ago   05:51

Erick and Sari
Front row seats for Maleficent's FIRE malfunction. RIP Maleficent! You'll always be our favorite!

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Sophie Nikol
Omg i saw this in the news🙁
çässïdy 66
How did this happen
daniela tm
The dragon burning down seems to be a sort of curse, my city had an aurora play and they built a giant maleficent dragon, something went wrong while it was underground and it started burning
Andy Scott
Something must’ve made the dragon mad cause he has a HOT head,get it

Like if you do get it

Comment if you don’t get it
Alr boys I’m about to head out
Cristal Rafaela
I don't suppose someone can list out the name of the songs that is played in the video. Please.
Queen Of unicorns
I guess this is why this week I went the dragon was not breathing fire :(
Tbh I’m a bigger fan of that dragon then the actual princesses
Football Mom
I love how the citizens are just yelling ^KEEP GOIN THIS WAY JUST KEEP GOING^ the parents of the kifs yelling that ^MALLISA WHAT ARE U DOIN^ the kid ^???????;^;^
Football Mom
The music goes really nice with the disaster LoL
Zackary Voss
And i oop
mandi2.0 lele
Bad drago! I told you to sneeze not hold it in jeez!

This is a joke so don't dislike
Bobby Praxedes
R.i.p malificant
YouTube Users
Late on the evacuation Disney.
The float looks scarier on fite
Hero Twinkies
Disney be like "it was never on fire"
You heard of Disney on Ice
It is now Disney on Fire
hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog-
Adam Hyatt
My Fantasy Came True!
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FRONT ROW Disneyworld Parade Fire 2 months ago   07:05