The Real Reason Tyson Fury Tyson Fury Got ROBBED against 2 days ago   02:31

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Tyson Fury gets up from the canvas after a thunderous Deontay Wilder combination. Fury is a fighting man.
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No, no, no. The real reason was Brick Top had him to go down in the 4th but forgot that gypsies are always one step ahead of you
mason deeks
Aj,wilder ,fury are all badass fighters respect to them all
Sean.L Rodriguez-Garcia
Tyson got up from Wilder’s left hook like he was late for work.
HOLY FUCK almost a year ago wow
Chuba Longchar
Should have shown how he fought after he go up.
Lave Live
Not to mention the ref stopped counting and gave him about 22 seconds but yea
Carlos Martinez
I always thought Tyson fury was black wtf
Kruno Kapetanovic
Real reason.... kokainaaaa
Sammy Hess
Count how long he was actually down..find the footage..should of lost..and will if the rematch happens
Ryan Billings
Wilder knocked tyson down undertaker music starts playing
Thomas Seddon
Fury looks like a troll from lord of rings
King TMac
....yea that’s why
Jab, jab, straight righ/right cross, left hook. Wilder is a one trick pony. How many times he punced ghosts with that right?
You could see Deontays soul leave his body when Tyson got up.. What a fight..
Conrad Madden
He got put over but I don't think wilder hurt him
The way he moves is the closest thing to Ali we have ever seen
Aare Luhaäär
What's the fake reason?
Victor Romond
Because the ref.
OMG Ronnie
His arms are disgustingly long for his body and it makes him look weaker then he actually is
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Tyson Fury Got ROBBED against The Real Reason Tyson Fury 2 days ago   07:27

Tyson Fury outboxed Deontay Wilder by making him missing punches and landing combinations. He was the superior boxer by avoiding punches and winning most of the rounds. Deontay Wilder managed to knock down Fury twice, once in 9th and once in 12th round. Fury managed to beat referee's ten count, get up and win the rest of the round. But, judges had different opinion and declared the match a split decision draw. This is one more boxing fight ended in a controversial split draw.

Undefeated defending WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is about to face undefeated heavyweight champion Tyson Fury one more time as a rematch of the previous fight.