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How To Make Shuriken Fidget Spinner | How To Make A Hand Spinner-Churiken // Mr. Hot Glue#14 - At Up-Tube.com

How to make Shuriken Fidget Spinner How to Make a Hand SPINNER-CHURIKEN // Mr. Hot glue#14 2 months ago   04:16

How to make a Shuriken or Wooden Ninja Star Fidget Spinner l DIY.

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bablu kumar
Good star par paper balloon tree banana sikhao
좋아요 멋진 작품
Naruto Uzumaki
What was the full time it took you to do this?
David McCullough
Adilet kz
عاشق سوري
Sangita Patel
Are the of real wood
Sangita Patel
like a boss21 dany
are they for sale?
Rafik Mohmad
Nice ninja star
Julie Kim
Are you Korean? Because that glue is only from Korea!
Kermit Trump
It's always funny how you know you don't have the stuff to make it but we keep watching
Go Go
잘보구있어요! 작업하시는거 자주 올려주세요:-)
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How to Make a Hand SPINNER-CHURIKEN // Mr. Hot glue#14 How to make Shuriken Fidget Spinner 2 months ago   04:08

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