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Conan On Mitt Romney's Secret | Conan O'brien & Andy Richter: - At Up-Tube.com

Conan On Mitt Romney's Secret Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter: 1 day ago   03:29

Team Coco
CONAN Highlight: Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, revealed to "The Atlantic" that he follows "the big redhead from Boston" on his secret Twitter account.

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Joe alonzo
The survey found that only two percent of Americans had a “very positive” view of Utah’s junior senator, 16 percent had a somewhat positive view, 37 percent were neutral, 19 percent had a somewhat negative view, 19 percent had a very negative view, and seven percent did not or were unsure about Sen. Romney.
Mark Funkybunch
PierrE DelectO


How can he know where he's from but not his name? He was playing dumb for who knows what reason.
Toby Bartels
The sheet with two holes is for those _old-fashioned_ Mormon honeymoons, Mitt, before your time.
Jiminy Cricket
Worst writers in late night
1:34 The camera, barely perceptively zooming in on Conan adds to the hilarity.
Name Withheld
Conan is working on that dad bod.. or he's moonlighting as Santa this Christmas? 🤔
johnathan smith
@Gregg Todd - Judas was not an Apostle; he rejected his own 'Salvation' (Yeshua's - Jesus' literal name) came out of the room (last supper) BEFORE there was communion between all of them. Then, later, they picked up (Man did) Matias. Jesus Himself, later, picked up - specially - Saul to the Hebrews. Thanks for correction, though.
Chromecast Thisis
The Big Red Head from Boston is one of the best talkshows hosts ever.
raul ruiz
Biden is compromised by doubt
Bernie heart attack
Warren 2020!!!!!
You know the system is messed up when we had to vote for Romney or Obama. 2 deep state scumbags.
Samson Stormy
"Rhino Romney" that's all he'll be remembered as! 😆🤣😂
Matthew Martinez
Romney holding a confidential personal grudge against Trump is fine.
Senator Romney acting out his personal grudge while Representing the Citizens from the state of Utah that do not care for him Airing his Personal Grudges effecting Utah.
Throwing tantrums in office and affecting the whole State of Utah.
Dust off Orrin Hatch and send him back in.
Frysauce and jello.
John Clark
Mir Romney is more dangerous for the Republican party than AOC.He's a socialist rhino commie mole.
Pierre Delecto's Recliner of Rage!
David Hendrickson
Fun fact: His full name is Willard Mitt Romney.
Harris Anne
"Mitt Romney, the new No Name, was predicted by the comms to come out and join the smear campaign against POTUS on the Ukrainian call.
He delivered the next day.
It was later revealed his security adviser Cofer Black seats at the board of Burisma, Biden's son Ukrainian company.
It's time to come out TRAITOR Mitt and play your role. We already know. We have it all."
The red big head from Boston would’ve been more accurate
Kana Beats
the absolute disrespect. foh romney
Taupe Galeuse
"but delecto is a spanish sounding last name...?" "Just leave it! We've got ketchup flavored Lays to eat and lame tee shirts to let our bellies stick out the bottom of." --the Writers
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Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter: Conan On Mitt Romney's Secret 1 day ago   05:00

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