Tee Grizzley - No Effort [Official Music Cardi B "Red Barz" (WSHH 9 months ago   04:35

Tee Grizzley
Tee Grizzley "No Effort" Video (Starring Mike Epps)

"Activated" Available Now: https://ffm.to/activated

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Comments 847 Comments

@1:22 wtf these Benz rims doing on the Vette?
M Ben
Motion Picture 777
Neal Bonner
joy rd never leave the road airport the hood help the hood
Lizzybel Z
Tee baby doin that shit with no effort!
Sister Angela Marie Valentine
Floyd that's why you don't want me in the studio nothing but 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Floyd I don't want to fuck with a lump nigga 💁
Sister Angela Marie Valentine
No Effort Floyd🤷
nuked chronic
Reckless Gang $ \./
Call of 420
why does this song sound better at .75 Playspeed. Thank me later.
James Young
Booger TB
When this song dropped! That moment was special
Typac_ Tv
Tee grizzly underrated asf dis Dis song still better can half the songs out dis year
Terri Jackson
“I only fear the lord everyone else can see the morgue” man that went hard
Don Tay
" Last niggas we was beefin with.. Uhhhh i cant think of what cemetary that Dem niggaz at" Yikes.. Get it T.Grizz @3:30
Mikael Wilson
Do a song with blueface
Mundy Mondy
Blessed Squad “§§§2” coming soon
Carlos Carcamo
I'm a old Chico 80 baby happy face Miami famous fuck feds did nigga here is the shit most respect to you tee grizzly
Dustin Gatzke
My first day out when I was born to fuck shit up get back up on my feet do it again so many times then reborn got baptized know just doing both dam I'm more bipolar than a polar bear it self so I treat myself to what comes even chasing finding myself in a nightmare knowing what I need a fix now I got dreams so close it seems but right back stupid with it.
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Cardi B "Red Barz" (WSHH Tee Grizzley - No Effort [Official Music 9 months ago   02:45

Watch the official music video for "Red Barz" by Cardi B.

Directed by BenjiFilmz

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