Tee Grizzley - No Effort [Official Music Cardi B "Red Barz" (WSHH 1 year ago   04:35

Tee Grizzley
Tee Grizzley "No Effort" Video (Starring Mike Epps)

"Activated" Available Now: https://ffm.to/activated

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King Croc
i bet tee can grapple like crazy i wouldnt fuck with the dude all state
King Croc
one of the greatest songs it only has 4m views? no way. im sure its on worldstar or something with 20m.
Everything Content.
Played my roll so good after I hit it I took a bow 🙇
Austin Cook
Why his clothes never fit xs shirt wrf
Rap Connoisseur
Tee looked healthy here.
Privat3 Island
Rip JB 1:28
Eric Tyson
got slap mang~cali bound
Still Slappp!
Deandre Anderson
R.i.p to Tee Grizzley Aunt and was also his manager @ 2:56
Psycho Namir
I have to ask, what influences a man to hold bands on his waist? I have money as well, but I do not carry bands on me. It is an unnecessary flex, as someone who came from nothing, I have no urge to hold presidents on my waist nor wallet.
Who’s the stripper at 2:43? 🤤 what’s her @? lol
fye but get yo big self off that poor mazi
ddid DDid
he don't act right lol mikes epp is the man thoe but tee you acting is wack as solid song thoe. no hate just honesty
Dustin Gatzke
Fuck this fake ass same shit ain't never heard before with no effort, like if his fat ass is all that, I love to meet him with no one around fuck that fool up with no effort.
Mac Entertainment enterprise M E E.
👍👍 up. 👍👍 up BIG Tee. Detroit it’s Muzic Movement. Mac Entertainment enterprise. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹✌🏻🔥🖕😉
Rj Middleton
Rad dude
Jesus Thagoat
Rip ☹️
Jesse De La Cruz
Man this song goes to damn hard everytime 🔥🔥Glad you aight g, God bless you n glad you made it out, so sorry to hear the loss of your aunt.. rip
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Cardi B "Red Barz" (WSHH Tee Grizzley - No Effort [Official Music 1 year ago   02:45

Watch the official music video for "Red Barz" by Cardi B.

Directed by BenjiFilmz

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