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hope u all had a great xmas and new years


Outro Song: JOSH A - NO CHILL

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Sam Gardner
You should try to play bo4 at one point if you want
Tesfaye Tefera
Fear4less you look so good in life
Vic Monroy
If you tink ninja is better say ninja suck
Vic Monroy
Frotnite pro98 Man
Sprky Games
Fe4rless I have 1000+ games and 3 wins
Lisa Leatherwood
mafoo here
Lisa Leatherwood
mafoo here
Debbie Wang
You deserve WAYYYY more subs
Aerik Ross
Can we just get a respect for faze fart face 😃🙏🙏👏👏👏👏
Anthony Tucci
I feel bad for you killing all these bots
I love your laugh :)
Justin Sims
My ppHard
I Suck Lmao, I’ve played like 2,000 Solo games and won.... 0!
Jamie Percival
He sounds like introllsive
Juan Luis Muñoz Gonzalez
0:34 he said "bro, you're bad with my brother" 😁
Fe4rless is 10x better than ninja
im friends on epic with the guy wearing the raven skin in this vid
My uncle has 6 toes 😆 lmao
Maria Garcia
He did not say why father father he said why
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