Various precautions being taken China Enforces Checkpoints in Areas 2 days ago   01:16

Wuhan plans to build a special hospital to treat patients with the novel coronavirus within the next six days. It will be like the one established in Beijing during the SARS epidemic in 2003. Meanwhile, various precautions are being taken to limit the spread of the virus, especially in Hubei province.

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Tan Ming
All be new wisdom 👍🧡💛💙💗
Eric Chong
Hospital doesn't have enough resources to treat patients, many are dead and force cremated without medical diagnostic, according to people at the crementory...
This is what the CCP get from killing people in Xin Jiang. Karma is turning it in.
Calvin Kong
Wear mask all time all day
FlyLike aButterfly
Don’t let this virus control us it’s rather we control this virus by maintaining a healthy hygiene & take precautions🙏
Ayush Oberoi
It is a bad coincidence but coincidence nonethless.'Chinese new year of Pig' ended with a death of lot of pigs and now 'Chinese new year of Rat' has started with coronavirus which is bringing back a memory of Plague done by rats.
Media reports are saying that this virus is hurting mostly elderly people (who have low immunity).
Lets hope for the best.
Locking down this province is definitely the right thing to do.
hwa ren
United snake put biological weapon to china, it,'s time China to revenge after this.
Wuhan has 3 of China‘s top-10-largest hospitals, China Academic of Science Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan National Biosaft Laboratory(BSL-4). There are plenty of well-trained and well-equipped doctors, nurses, specialists and scientists in Wuhan. There is nothing to worry about right now. Trust they will defeat the new virus soon.
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China Enforces Checkpoints in Areas Various precautions being taken 2 days ago   00:59

Vehicles queued at makeshift checkpoints in China's Anhui province, Thursday, February 6, as the country fights to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed over 560 people, infected thousands and is damaging the national economy.
READ MORE: China on Thursday finished building a second new hospital to isolate and treat patients of a virus that has killed more than 560 people and continues to spread, disrupting travel and people’s lives and fueling economic fears.

A first group of patients was expected to start testing a new antiviral drug, as China also moved people with milder symptoms into makeshift hospitals at sports centers, exhibition halls and other public spaces.

The health care system in the central city of Wuhan, where the outbreak was first detected in December, has been overwhelmed with the thousands of ill patients. A new, 1,500-bed hospital specially built for virus patients opened days after a 1,000-bed hospital with prefabricated wards and isolation rooms began taking patients.