FailRace Motorsport Buys A Nissan GRID 2019 Career Mode 2 days ago   25:12

The Nissan 300ZX becomes my first vehicle purchase on the new Grid game, and we promptly test it out around a rather wet San Francisco.

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they really stole the paint settings thing from forza
Gaming Geek
This could be a rare instance of a game reboot working out well! Please don't fuck this up CodeMasters! We need a new classic GRID game since the first one got pulled!
Lucas Schnock
Could buy!
The Murloc Tamer
Now we need a showdown time attack colab video between you and Jimmer
B0nko {K.U.D}
Did anyone else hear that eating sound or just me?
aaron dix
Lol don't be sorry for showing san fran twice. With only 13 actual locations in the game you will be seeing the same scenery over and over again a lot I should imagine
I still remember picking the Z32 back in Grid 2.
treerexaudi Official
legendary Z
Honestly i was very cautious in looking forward to this game. However seeing how theyre letting youtubers play it openly pre release and it seems good from what ive seen. I think thisll be a game i pick up.
Captain Rocketblast
Super GT offers respect as Alex beats them all !
3mins 20seconds
Simon Wu
I remember racing a mustsang in first grid and leaning on everyone to corner lol
Vova Sparks Vdovicenco
This was a great vid, love your racing. This might've pushed me over the edge in getting this at launch. I love that they got a lot of DRIVECLUB-y things in there: scoring system, livery system and weather system all look like they're straight from DRIVECLUB or even a tad better.
I especially love the reflections and weather in this game. Hope to see more GRID vids from you Alex
Chill Glib
Dang. Used to watch this guy 3 years ago. Looks like he doesnt do the gta stuff that much anymore.
Odd One
I had a '95 300zx TT back in 2002-2013 till I had to sell it. I still miss that car.
Only ever played Grid 2 and a bit of Autosport. Please tell me if the cars actually feel like cars and not weird futuristic hovercars.
Luis A.
Anyone else get Forza 2 vibes from Alex's ZX?
Mike Hotchkiss
Did Rysse get a job elsewhere or a life partner that needs him more than us?
When's the next survive the hunt?
Zeee_King Of_the_Memes
*insert me flexing the fact that I'm fucking 800,000th*
I hope when you race nascar the AI cause some fucking pile-up
Also I got angry when he restarted when he spun.
Josh Birkwood
Survive the hunt pls
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GRID 2019 Career Mode FailRace Motorsport Buys A Nissan 2 days ago   33:40

GRID 2019 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO - GRID World Series Intro Gameplay Part 1 (Review Code Provided by Codemasters)
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