OREM Accounting Tax - Northern California Fashion For Fascism: Europe looks 9 months ago   02:44

Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola introduces OREM Accounting Tax for Northern California. Enrique in San Francisco, California welcomes all the new tax accountants that will be helping all of our current and future clients this 2012 tax season. Feel free to check our website www.orematnocal.com also our blog enrique25may.blogspot.com

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Lauren Serna
WOW, way to go Enrique! Bay area :)
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Fashion For Fascism: Europe looks OREM Accounting Tax - Northern California 9 months ago   04:59

Thousands of illegal immigrants escaping political turmoil in North Africa continue to arrive on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa. Their presence looks likely to fuel the feeling that multi-culturalism has failed in a Europe also seeing a resurgence of the far right. And now entering the debate is the new Minister of the Interior in Germany who says Islam "does not belong" in the country. Meanwhile, in Italy, where the far right is gaining popularity, young people turn their backs on those in power and look to the charismatic leaders of the past.

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