How to Get and Test Startup Ideas - Michael The single biggest reason why start-ups 1 day ago   06:21

Y Combinator
Michael Seibel on getting and testing startup ideas.

Michael is CEO and a Partner at YC. He was the co-founder and CEO of and Socialcam.

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Alexey Kanakhin
What problem did you try to solve with It may be really good example!
Jacolby Green
What made you guys want to put a reality show online?
Thomas Foreman
Collaborative genius
Magani Naik
Michael I have a solution for reducing carbon emissions what should I do?
John Doe
his advices suck. out of style. cliche.
Lukman Wealth
Thanks a lot. Very educative and insightful! I'm about to download this video
Fouad Djebbar
Could we just browse the social media contents and collect/aggregate top 10 problems faced by users?
Niche Site Ideas
added this video to my playlist - thumb up :)
Mohamed Hayibor
{ Start with the problem? }

* Do I have a relationship with this problem personally?
* Do I have this problem?
* Is it a problem my family has?

> Having a personal connection to the problem is helpful.

1. You can tell whether the solution is in the ballpark of solving the problem.
2. When you're discouraged, you still have a personal connection to see through until you find a solution that does work.

** Instead of an Idea book have an Problem book **

{ Thinking through problems }

1. Talk about it with friends

> A good thing if you can trade ideas well or build together [potential co-founders]

2. Why are you uniquely qualified to work on this problem?

> Something you understand that others don't

* Look at the people who tried to solve the problem
* Look at the products that have been tried

What other people thought their unique insights were? [Gut check]

You MVP:

* Is the problem solvable at all?
* Fall in love with the problem and users, not your product.
* Treat your product in a way that it can change.
* Does this actually solve the problem? [with handpicked users]
Bassel Matta
How can we get to work with Y combinator?
We have a new patented technology in the Virtual Desktop space that's allowing us to be priced close to half of our competition in the market while providing more features!
Kiran Singh
Who wants to waste time and money on MBA when we have people like you around.thanks for such simple and eye opening explanation
ayman ezzat
Very interesting & thx for the share :)
Priyanshu Raj
Start with a problem is great way to start
Radovan Šurlák
Thank you a lot guys :)
Gabriel Uribe
Just want to echo the sentiment -- huge fan of this format (in addition to longer form for deep dives | interviews)!
Communication Skills
great explanation
Memet Rush
what about ideas in the construction industry? I have tons of ideas for software to save contractors time because my dad runs a construction business, but 'construction people' don't like using technology. Is that an up hill battle or is it possible to convince them to change?
Daksh Shah
Super succinct. I'm sure this will help me
naiqiang qian
this is amazing!
Shubhankar Kahali
More short videos please.
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The single biggest reason why start-ups How to Get and Test Startup Ideas - Michael 1 day ago   06:41

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