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A Day In The Life - Texas A&m University | Vlog: Moving To College And First - At Up-Tube.com

A Day in the Life - Texas A&M University Vlog: Moving to College and First 5 months ago   05:25

Freshman Support
Katie is a senior at Texas A&M University. Watch her "Day in the Life", where you can see what it is like to go to TAMU! She will take you to her classes, the university stadium and talk you through some of the university traditions! Check out her blog here: http://ow.ly/zAgEg

Hopefully this is helpful for prospective students at A&M to see what student life is like!

Check out FreshmanSupport.com/tamu to compare dorms, find roommates and much more!

Music by: Chico Chico

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Displaced Potato
Lol, walk under that tree alone, and you will be alone forever xD
Is this in San Antonio
For those wandering, it’s in college station, but there’s just one main college there
Bobbie Joe Brown
Thank you so much for this video! I am getting ready to tour the university as a transfer student from community college. This has helped me visualize the campus in more detail.
Juan Cabrera cerda
Does this school have online classes or something? Because I really wanna go there but currently I am in the army for 3 more years and I wanna get ahead
toller retreiver
tell us about the dos with muscular dystrophy and their torture
Mike Tover
I will be attending Texas A&M in 2017. Any advice for an incoming freshman?
Abir Chaudhuri
Campus seems really cool. I gotaccepted for Spring 17 in GIS.
Myzha Newton
I really like this school...but I don't even know why I'm watching this video. Like I shouldn't be thinking about college right now cause I just started high school. 😂 But I can't wait until then because Texas A&M is the first college I'm going for. So see u guys in 2020'💙💙
Why didn't you walk under the tree?
Gabby Macy
I'm going to be hopefully attending A&M in 2017, but on your first day of school how can I not get lost finding my way to class?
Markltri Lomngetre
3 minutes drive? Why don't you walk to there for such a short distance?
Is that in commerce texas
Kaydence Hanna Vlogzz
Hi my name is Kaydence i am only 9 years old but my whole family only likes UT but i like A&M and UT i will aplie for both but i hope i get in THANK YOU !!!😀😀😀😃😃😃😄😄
Awesome! I'm planning on majoring in horticulture :) I went to aggieland Saturday yesterday and looked around with my parents (my dad graduated in 1994 so he was my "tour guide" lol)
another racist school. don't go there if you are Black or hispanic
awesome video... got much needed info about the campus... applying for spring'17
This hurts my eyes to watch! I'm liking the school though!
Jaclyn C
nice place
THE king
in witch city ???
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Vlog: Moving to College and First A Day in the Life - Texas A&M University 5 months ago   14:36

Texas A&M Is dope. You should come here. Enough Said. Gig Em!

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