FIFA 20 | How to Score Directly From FIFA 20 ALL NEW FREE KICKS TUTORIAL 2 days ago   02:30

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This video explains the viewer how to score from corner kicks in FIFA 20 Directly. Corner Kicks are very hard to score in FIFA 20 and it requires skill and practice.This video shows all the buttons you need press to perform a corner pefectly.

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ill quit fifa the day some fuckboy does this
Jackie Martinez
I did it ones
Juraj Smiljanec
He literally putted paredes instead of navas and he scored of course from corner
gamernation 1245
You see how if you score a direct corner the celebration is the same
Indian scammer will get your credit card
The graphics are trash this isn't Fifa 20
Saiyankid _15
Those aren't goalkeepers,their outfield players.
Team Akinn
This would make people Rage😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 especially if its one of those games they need to win for promotion
Kristoffer er bot
Sub om meee
Gevorg Chibukhchyan
How to do this celebration?
Mendrit Gaming
work but you neer to aim right stick to the right when you cross
PlayStation Series
0:00 how can I find this fifa template?
Mohammmed Burghli
If u notice he changes the gk to a non gk playet
mai sam
i scored a corner goal once
Brah I can't even score directly from a penalty
Matthias Lauwaert
Is this patched cause every time the gk just catches it easy
Kevin Voro
pulled it with pogba then hit the post with rojo
I try it nothing..
שני באשא
classic man
Actually worked now I can easily beat my brother he gives me free corner kicks
Joshua Sng
Check out my corner kick goal video!
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FIFA 20 ALL NEW FREE KICKS TUTORIAL FIFA 20 | How to Score Directly From 2 days ago   13:02


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