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Chevrolet takes the heavy-duty pickup battle to the test track -- and the mountain roads -- in "HD to HD," a video series that pits 2011 Silverado HD pickups against the competition in real-world tests of capabilities that matter to real-world truck buyers.
The tests include acceleration, passing, and braking tests, all conducted with a loaded bed, or in some cases, a loaded trailer. Other tests measure the effectiveness of the exhaust brakes on long downgrades and the stiffness of the frames during twist-ditch simulations. Competitors were diesel-powered 2011 Ford Super Duties, and in some tests, 2011 Dodge Ram HDs.

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Caleb Engel
Ya at least the ford could tow that trailer. They skipped the part where the chevy’s rear axel snaps trying to get moving
Nice mods Chevy😂😂
colin longmore
More sag more traction bitch
Silent but Deadly
The front end of the Chevy frame cracks
Ford is better than a Chevy 💯 Chevy sucks shit can’t handle 85 miles on the road that just breaks down my ford handles more then 85 miles on the road ...
the dubstep555
As shaggy as his wife boobs
Roberto Zapata
My only question is why does not Ford due the same
My Chevy hauls 20-30k
Chevys the best
Esteban Ortiz
Ford is better than Chevy
grey Farris
Ford go soffend springs
The new gmc looks like a pig with lipstick
How about we do this without a edit and the same pallet of concrete and see how the Chevy does now
Kyle Graybill
Another Chevy commercial that was rigged guess what NO one cares
Lame ass chevy
Bob Smith
Chevy is a joke of a truck. I drive one for my work and it can not haul a big tex trailer let alone a skid steer. We are switching to ford since they are proven to be a lot tougher.
Brenda Saucedo Calvillo
Chevrolet nunca a valido verga
Look at all the 2011 Chevy's now !!! There all frickin rusted out !!! I don't see many 2011 Ford's with much rust. Just shows the gm garbage quality.
Edgar H252
I’m not a Ford guy but at 0:28 the ford is leveled and the Chevy isn’t. That’s why the Chevy gets leveled out with weight and Ford goes lower on the back.
Humbledly Blessed
Why they didn't use the same pallet
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PROBLEMAS PARA LA TOYOTA HILUX! ► 2011 Chevy Silverado HD Frame 1 day ago   03:04

Mirá cómo reacciona en la prueba de alce la Toyota Hilux que se vende en Argentina frente a otros modelos de la misma categoría, increíble!
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