Sylvester Stallone Had To Sell His Dog To Feed Salma Hayek's prince anecdote 2 days ago   03:28

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Who knew Robert De Niro & Sylvester Stallone went so far back?!

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote the script for "Good Will Hunting" together and at the time were both minor actors. They demanded to star in the movie they wrote against a lot of opposition, and the reason they had the guts to force the issue is because they knew Stallone had done the same thing with the "Rocky" script.
il never do that il sleep with my dog in the steet
Turtle The g
My guy Stallone !
Topden Tsering
At least he did not sell his family to feed his dog.
Vladyslav Yakovlev
Wow! What a story, bro!
Samuel Bhagothiparsad
I left as soon as I saw robert
Ammo Sonahar
Hey budkess
Why fans have forgotten his debute movie.. "The Lords of Flatbush"
Respect to Mr Stallone!
Kripa Sindhu Saha
Man is his tan for real ?! 😮
your comment might not work so please
He could still beat me literally in everything...nd i just started college.
Lapis Eye
Idiot. My family would have to starve
Wasi Jan
He never dreamed for success . He worked for it.
Mark Jackson
I would never ever sell my dog.
That's the saddest thing.
jinkazama monkey
He never sold buttkiss, it's all a lie
Ill sell my Family to feed my dog
its Extreme
Well he got it back that's the good part
Jonathan Defreitas
Simple solution feed the dog to your family.
Jon Graves
Yet the douchebag couldn't pay the man who inspired Rocky and made him millions....
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Salma Hayek's prince anecdote Sylvester Stallone Had To Sell His Dog To Feed 2 days ago   04:16

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