Seth Meyers Unravels While Chinese New Year 2019 Lion 2 weeks ago   25:54

First We Feast
Seth Meyers is one of the longest tenured cast members in Saturday Night Live history and host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, weeknights on NBC. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as two interview titans go head-to-head in a meta Hot Ones for the ages. During the spice onslaught, Meyers breaks down the highlights of his SNL career, discusses the surge in political comedy, and busts out some hilarious Boston accents.



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First We Feast
*British actor doing a bad Boston accent* "Da Bomb is too hot. It's wicked hot."
David Gottfried
Camera Guy Bill wearing the Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt for the win!
New chicken after Gordan Ramsey
John Oliver, please ??
@Frist we Feast as amazig/strange could this sound for you guys, milk is not the best thing to cut out the burning feeling in your thonge and lips after eating spicy sauce is SALT the best remedy for that..
Unfunny liberal douche bag Seth Meyers is, cant stand the clown... Would have paid to rub hot sauce in his eyes!
Game Clips
Bring Matt stonie on
geralyn david
What is his tongue made of?
Franklin MacGillacuddy
TO THE BONE!! Seth Myers you are a legend. He actually pulled that off very well. Good work! these videos just keep getting better.
some beach
Nice to see him in pain
Dan Kron
I'm worried if i kiss my children, they are going to burst into flames #pissmyself
Isn't that the guy from Progressive ads?
Aryanna Ward
You should get bts on the show
Peter Cofrancesco
There is so much bs in the entertainment world it’s refeshing to see something “real”. You have great rapport with the guests. Love it.
Repect how Seth handled the heat.
Joseph Arena
Try to get a pro fighter on the show !
Proud of ma'boy Seth. Now go burn Trump with that mouth!!!!!!!!
Toward the middle he asks about the current political climate of "Late night interview shows". The true answer is these shows are only political because Trump is evil, and it needs to be exposed. If any other person was president, the chances of these shows being political would be less.
Ghoul Goil
He hung in there like a champ. Love Seth!
I loved this show and I love it even more it catches all the guests off guard! More shows please!
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Chinese New Year 2019 Lion Seth Meyers Unravels While 2 weeks ago   08:01

Lion dance ( 舞獅) is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune. The lion dance is usually performed during the Chinese New Year and other Chinese traditional, cultural and religious festivals. It may also be performed at important occasions such as business opening events, special celebrations or wedding ceremonies, or may be used to honour special guests by the Chinese communities.