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Program Keyless Entry Remote/ | Gm Remote Repair Keyless Fob Fix - Keylessfix - At Up-Tube.com

Program Keyless Entry Remote/ GM Remote Repair Keyless FOB Fix - Keylessfix 11 months ago   09:37

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Program Keyless Entry Remote/ Key Fob for GM - Chevrolet or GMC 1998-2006
Replaces P/N: 15042968

This part is compatible with 588 vehicles:

1999-2006 Cadillac Escalade
2002-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 2500
1998-2004 Chevrolet S10
1998-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2500 3500

1998-2002 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 2500
2001-2002 Chevrolet Tahoe
2001-2002 GMC Sierra 1500 2500 3500
2001-2004 GMC Sonoma
2001-2002 GMC Yukon 1500 2500
Blazer/Jimmy 1998-2005
TrailBlazer/Envoy 2002-2009

Please make sure to read through the programming instructions completely before attempting.
All remotes that are expected to work for the vehicle will need to be with you in the vehicle before attempting to program. Any remotes not present at the time of programming will cease to function until reprogrammed.

1. Enter the vehicle, close, and unlock all doors using the power unlock switch on the driver’s door. Insert the key into the ignition but do not turn it yet.
2. Using the power unlock switch on the driver’s door, press and hold the switch in the unlock position.
3. While holding the switch in the unlock position, switch the key as far ON as it will go without starting the vehicle and back to OFF two (2) times, ending in the OFF position, then release the power unlock switch.

At this point the vehicle door locks should automatically lock and unlock, indicating that the programming mode has been activated. If the door locks do not cycle automatically then the programming procedure has failed and you need to restart the procedure from STEP 1.

4. Using any remote (we recommend first programming original remotes if you have one), press and hold down the “UNLOCK” and “LOCK” buttons simultaneously (at the same time) for up to thirty (30) seconds until the door locks automatically lock and unlock. If thirty (30) seconds pass while holding down the buttons and the vehicle door locks do not cycle, then the remote programming has failed and you must restart the programming from STEP 1.
5. Repeat STEP 4 for all remaining remotes you wish to program. You can program up to four (4) remotes total.
6. Once you have programmed all of your remotes, exit the programming mode by switching the key to the ON position. The vehicle door locks will lock and unlock automatically indicating that the programming mode has been exited. Turn OFF the key and remove it as well as open and close the driver’s door.
7. Test all remotes to ensure they are functioning. If any did not program, restart the programming procedure from STEP 1 and switch the order in which you are programming the remotes.

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So are batteries included?
Thanks so much dude, huge help. Added to my favorites
patsy price
Hello my name is Patsy and my daughter has a 2010 Chevy Equinox. Her truck is not starting but the radio lights and the car lock light come on. We got a new key but it still didn't work
Michael Baker
KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Start Control Car Key Fob Replacement for 22733524 (Pack of 2) @t
Monky Mad
Great video easy to follow worked first try.. thanks again
Thank you. I followed your instructions and they worked perfectly.
Eddie Delvalle
I have a Mercury my car and I can brogans my keyless remote
Simon Orosco
thanks sir. worked good on my2005 silverado
Jose C
Is there a site to check the specs to see what fits your vehicle?
Top 10's
Bingo. It worked
You did a nice job, thanks. I've done this before but I wanted to go over before I re-do it because I have several of the remotes and I only programmed one. I'll go over quickly what I'm going to do. (First, the users manual for my Hummer H3 also tells you how to program remotes. However, before I did that the H3 just died. I checked around and this is a known problem with the H3 because (and oddly) I read that the H3 uses both aluminum and steel in its body and frame. And that creates a somewhat difficult "fix" because those two metals, when they connect, can and somes DO create a car-wide "short." In effect, it's a lot like wiring the "plus" and "negative" battery contacts together; the car gets no electricity. And what I did next was, to put it mildly, was "SERIOUS STUPIDITY!" I had the car towed to the Dealer. THAT is STUPID, and then some. So, I had the car dropped off, and went home. They called the next day and gave me a rundown: The found it "needed" $3,700 to repair. I asked why and the guy went into explaining. Suffice to say, they "needed" $360 because the middle rear LED was "burned out." (LEDs rarely "burn out," I have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering, BTW.) They had to replace the entire RADIATOR because (And this was great) "Your radiator cap MAY be loose and you don't want it to burn the engine up." I asked why, IF the cap was loose, they had to replace the entire radiator. He kinda muttered about "having to" and I asked what was next. They also "had" to replace ALL the rubber gaskets around the doors, the roof, the moon-light, so on. This went on and I just stopped him and asked about the electricity. He said "Oh, that's fine, why?" So I went there, and they wanted me to sign for the repairs. I said no. He asked why and I gave him my best "Clint Eastwood stare" and he eventually charged me $97 bucks for "Diagnostics." It's times like this I'm glad I don't carry a gun, or a baseball bat. Paid 'em and while their I asked how much to get a 2nd key made and the key fob programmed. He wanted $185 for the key "Because it has a chip built in" and I think a new key fob was $200 something. About this time I almost started wishing I HAD brought that battery, you see because the H3 DOESN'T HAVE a "chip" built in it. And I knew I could pick up a key fob for around $10 bucks.

Moral of the story? Do NOT, EVER, take your car to the dealer for repair. And the only reason I did was before I got the H3 I had a Volvo and to just BUY the folding, plastic cup holder it was $165 bucks. These dealers should be burned at the stake. Slowly...

Ok, so with that I did as you just said, and programmed the $12 fob with no problems. I have a few just laying around and I'll do the same with it. BUT, if I remember, it needs you to do exactly as you showed us but with one extension, after you set the car up to program the fob this time you need to do the exact thing at the same time with the second fob. I've just been too lazy to bother doing it before, and it's always nice to have a spare (You know, kinda like that $165 they wanted to make a second key, except I did it at Home Depot for $6 bucks or so.)

And yeah, I typed this in the hope that no one EVER takes some car guy, whether at the dealers or elsewhere and pay for all those "necessary" repairs. I saved over $3,000 bucks and the car's been fine ever since. Oh and about that aluminum/steel shorting problem? It seems just getting the care MOVED fixed it. It's not as if the metals are welded together, they just had a bit of "Galvanic and/or Electrolytic Corrosion" that cleared up when the car got towed. I just wish I'd have thought of that sooner. ;)
Bonnie the Jeep
Thanks for the video! Worked like a charm for my '03 Tahoe
paula scott
I have a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu can u give me any suggestions on a key fob for this auto. Thanks
Vanessa Rodriguez
Thanks for the Video. It help me out so much!
It did not work on my 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx. Grrrrr...
Paul Taylor
My 2005 Malibu Maxx would not go into programming mode with this method. Any suggestions?
Worked great, thanks man!
Ryan Sullivan
This worked on two new key fobs for Chevy Silverado 2001. FYI, I couldn’t get my original key fob to program with the two new ones, but that’s okay, because it’s old and can be an old standby if I loose one of these new ones.
Jarred Eckman
should be a 2 min video. thanks for drawing it out.....
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