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Exonerated 28 Years Later; Pimping | - At Up-Tube.com

Exonerated 28 years later; Pimping 2 days ago   32:27

True Crime Daily
With guest Daryn Carp:

This week: A Northern California man wrongfully convicted on the testimony of a 9-year-old boy is exonerated 28 years after another man confessed to the murder. A North Carolina man pimped underage girls from jail to raise money for his bail, and his wife and his mother are going to prison. A missing-persons activist in Kentucky is missing. And astronaut crime.

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Comments 99 Comments

Barbara McMahon
Was the last known family member(& anyone else in that house) to see Andrea Knabel interrogated & did she do a polygraph?
June Cochran
Yes woman should be able to have the saved sperm to have a baby but no support or responsibility from father who does not want a child. Her business completely
mckenna walters
stop. with. the. phone. calls.
Nathaniel Eric
Who ever hit her car the one who got her
Nathaniel Eric
Duda that has to be a crime of passion
Nathaniel Eric
Did that lady die in the left hand corner
Twinky McWaddle
UUUhm.. Uhhm.. Uhhmm.. Uhmmm..Geez WTF?
Zenn Labs
1 episode in the last week?
bebe bebe
Wtf is this inside edition just make 5 min videos
carlo ferrari
Michele Mahon
How is the guy on the left even doing a podcast when he can barely string together a coherent thought. He’s constantly stuttering and stammering over his own words and correcting his mispronunciations and saying “uh, um”. Jesus Christ he’s hard to listen to!
Why does that lady sound exactly like Miley Cyrus
Judy Wilkey
OMG!! When they talked about those Eight that killed that man in the 90s it has an errie resemblance to another case about the same time clear across the Country 3000 miles, where another young man they lied about molesting one of their kids was TORTURED TO DEATH! His name was Tony Queen and they were called the Sylva Seven, based on where they were tried. This is a legal reference for anyone that wants to read it but this guy and the main two have since died while incarcerated. None of them were raised that way it was simply THE DEVIL overtaking the sense of right from wrong not to mention jealousy!

J Mathews
Turn up the volume haha
Asia Milan
This podcast is some bullshit
Fuck your 15 minutes of fame.
Stick to the format
Siobhan Parker
I've got the young ones dvd boxset!! 😀😀
Rosa M
I have sensory issues, and this is a terrible format for people like me. I just couldn’t listen 🙁
Wendy Bartram
You read then I'll read you read then I'll read and then we'll stumble over words and go back and forth that's the plan oh I hate this y'all suck
Maddy Pardue
My favorite podcast
Happy Day
You won’t catch me, as a female, walking on any street at 1am ANYWHERE ON EARTH much less in LOUISVILLE KY. Just google earth that sh!thole of a town and tell me if you’d be caught wandering the streets there even in daylight.
On that Norcal murder case... A lot of us Northern California natives know why people disappear up in Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Modoc and other counties. Because we grew up with those people. They went to school with us.
If you’re raised by drug addicts, if your parent’s way of providing you with parental guidance was to introduce you to cocaine at age 14 so they have a drug buddy, if those are the morals and ethics you were raised with and you live in an isolated community surrounded by a bunch of transient nomadic losers who are criminals themselves... if they double cross you or do anything to piss you off, you can kill them and dump them anywhere. There’s no police force to handle all these murders of a bunch of ‘nobody’s’ and transients and addicts. And you yourself have no morals or sense of dignity or respect for human life because you were raised by doped up hippies who believe in ‘free-love’ and living without accountability. Living off the state. Living off you and me... taxpaying, law biding citizens.
I work for social services in Northern California and I know for a fact that millions of tax dollars have gone into medical care and physical rehabilitation of meth cookers who blew themselves up in their own lab, or their partners lab. That’s what we’re dealing with here in California.
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Exonerated 28 years later; Pimping 2 days ago   08:01

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