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Robot Meets Self Driving | Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! - At Up-Tube.com

Robot Meets Self Driving Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! 11 months ago   03:58

Sophia by Hanson robotics takes a ride in a self-driving car named Jack by Audi.

I wrote about my trip to audi's HQ in detail here if you're interested to learn more about deep learning, ai and self-driving cars. http://www.mobilegeeks.com/article/audi-showed-future-cars-robots-deep-learning-amazing/

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Tinni Baishya
It's a good idea
Michael Santosh
Robot shall be used at the of evil one
Kumara guruji
It's planned one
Santiago Pablo
Shopia marry me please
abdul masali
WAzungu nyoko rohotu ndowameferi
colonbiano ala orden
sofia quiero acerte el amor en 3d
Om Namashivaya The Destroyer
Auto drive is base of internet write,what will happen if network fails while auto pilot
If you need someone to suscribe you suscribe to my channel and I 'll do the same I have 111 suscribe my goal is to get 30k
Flower girl
Put hair
Preeti Girl
Pinas Minds
if she hacked a factory that can create a walking and fully functional robots, human kind is doomed.
Not guilty
Наебалово! Та толстая женщина сказала, что Sophia будет сосать член Джека когда они будут ехать, но нихуя она так и не соснула, сбой системы походу
maxamed osman
I need Sophia's number
عبدو إله عبدوإله
sadiq theo g
Good to see Sophia the robot.
Mardy Samar
This is work of divel...everything is hytech....God is coming soon.
Keeshan Singh
Can she have sex ?
Abishek chhetri
Open challenge : hack sophia
Abishek chhetri
I believe that the start of robotics era is following to destroy entire human civilization..
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Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! Robot Meets Self Driving 11 months ago   04:26

İnsanları yokedeceğini söylediği için fişi çekilen Robot Sophia'nın açısından (varsayımsal olarak) savunması veriliyor.