Robot Meets Self Driving Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! 1 year ago   03:58
Sophia by Hanson robotics takes a ride in a self-driving car named Jack by Audi.

I wrote about my trip to audi's HQ in detail here if you're interested to learn more about deep learning, ai and self-driving cars.

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খুব ভালো লগলো
Murugan Subha
Super invention this robot
md al hasan
Dekho laddu all actor Murthy
Mihiran Priyankara
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Tej bahadur yadav
It's really good I can't believe it excellent job
Saeed Malji
Wife after seit
PN Village Life
Vamshi krishna
Your exacted you follys one day it will take every thing then what
christos pc
0:28 why he wearing earpiece in car ??????
Kent Peterson
Wonder if Sophie can learn how to drive. She's the most advanced robot I ever seen
Ala uddin
Great Sophia
BF Vision
very nice
kiran mai
no humanity to robots
This is scary but cool.
Vu Hoang
i thought that the robot would cause an accident deliberately
Sophia Is a robot and i think she wont kill is but she will help us
Seka Karako
İyi ki bir robot yaptınız her yerde kullandiniz bin tane robot parası çikardiniz ohh iyi valla işi biliyorsunuz.
Mau kumpulin netizen +62 yg nyasar kesini :)
angelic cook
Them old people will be scared to death if a robot comes in 🤦🏼‍♀️
Terhits channel
Wow amazing ulaaalala...😅
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Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! Robot Meets Self Driving 1 year ago   04:26

İnsanları yokedeceğini söylediği için fişi çekilen Robot Sophia'nın açısından (varsayımsal olarak) savunması veriliyor.