Robot Meets Self Driving Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! 8 months ago   03:58
Sophia by Hanson robotics takes a ride in a self-driving car named Jack by Audi.

I wrote about my trip to audi's HQ in detail here if you're interested to learn more about deep learning, ai and self-driving cars.

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Laptop Stuff
Ur literally talking to a brainless machine who is programmed to say random stuff like if u look deeper into it u feel stupid talking to a machine 😂
Suraj Maddeshiya
Seraj ahmad
Иван Альховский
Берите тамагочи в дорогу
Erick Espiritu
Great to have this robot in the car pool lane!
isko belmonte
Ohhhhh wow were is hair
Melinda M
Make one for me i dont care how much it costs i have a picture what i want
Staatenlos SVEN Satire
FCK System!!! Wie die fette hinten lacht unglaublich!!! 5G ist eine Waffe gegen Menschen!!! Und dieser Schrottkübel brauchen wir nicht!!! Ihr macht euch abhängig von so ein Müll!!!

Ihr könnt keine Pflanzenarten Unterscheiden oder den Unterschied zwischen Wespe und Biene aber Mrs. Propper Namen könnt ihr euch merken.

Dummes und naives Volk
Rappi Rappi
Lol pure evil u guys loving it
shashank immortal
Who is the fucker who is sitting in backside with the laptop and controlling Sophia
I don't think is a self bot....she is a control bot
Amrit masticksrekha youtube
Viv Gup
We should stop these types of innovation s . they can be harmful for humans in future.🙅🙅😓😓😓😓
Shyam Sundar
Hindi me boloo
Be Helpful Human
Everything is designed by Human, But can't be human because human is created by our God.
Princy Gogoi
Pretty Sophia...
Salazar Ali
One day humans are saleves of robots by some of richest people
autism stimming
My name is Sophia
Harshad kumar
we won't see her wig
Ifafaale Media Group
Memory Philippines islam
So Where's her husband?
susngi susngi
Did she wear the seat belt by her own
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Robot Sophia Uyanıyor ! Robot Meets Self Driving 8 months ago   04:26

İnsanları yokedeceğini söylediği için fişi çekilen Robot Sophia'nın açısından (varsayımsal olarak) savunması veriliyor.