Far-right nationalists on the rise in Spain Worst 10 American Presidents 1 day ago   04:20

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In Spain the far-right Vox party has won seats in an election for the first time since the end of the Franco dictatorship. The anti-migrant, euroskeptic party overturned decades-long rule by the Socialists in Andalusia. Its leader says he hopes to put together a coalition with the centre-right Citizens Party.
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Alovio Anidio
Of course, for global media, such thing like extreme-left or far-left DOESN'T EXIST on the face of the Earth.
Alex Rivera
Vox, party? They need to change that name
andrea R
So, let me see, far right is: defend private property, legal inmigration, against marxist cultural agenda, respect the police....this is why #liberalismisamentaldisorder.
By the way. The MSM should stop with this narrative of calling far right anybody who you don´t like....clearly is not working. Just take a look on what is going in France.
You dug your own graves. People kept their mouth shut and carried on under socialism policies for years, so you thought why not just start importing miserable animals with backwards ideologies and telling the children they can choose their genders... and you ask yourselves why the right is gaining tract again... lmao.
Armaarriba Galiza
VOX! arriba ESPAÑA ¡
Malaxetxebarria Bareño
Error PSOE isnt socialist
Dan Backslide
New Reconquista
back in the 90s all these people would have been deemed normal
bipola telly
The NPC parties are hilarious.
bipola telly
not "far" right.
Just not wrong!
Ryan lex
Lmao the left playing the guilt tactic
javierperez Perez
This is no far right, Europe are awaking
Red Mustang 1976
First Italy glosed her borders and it looks like Spain wil aswell in the future. The Southern border of Europe is slowly closing up for the invading migrants.
Ana Marino
They are not far right. They are simple citizens quite fed up with leftist ideology And líes. You have understood nothing at all.!
CRIS /34
I'm finally proud to be Spaniard
CIS lies. They are Socialist controlled and manipulated polls. Bias and FRAUD!
Blaster Blahsamost
Most of these comments are racist and it scares me! Refugees and immigrants are on the rise and will never lose!
Platypus Paws
When I do Poltical Values tests, I come up as "Social Liberal" or "Liberal" and Centre Left.
I grew up in a left wing culture and media. Still read that too sometimes.

But I believe a better future is in supporting the Nationalists, not the Globalists.

Ask me why.
I believe progress doesn't mean throwing out past progress or swinging the pendulum in the opposite direction.
Moderation & Stability are virtues.
that guy films
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Worst 10 American Presidents Far-right nationalists on the rise in Spain 1 day ago   13:19

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