Wood call it a day DJ Arch Jnr wins SA’s Got Talent 2 days ago   03:18

Lone Wolf
In the woods and bit drone flying.
Call it a day lol

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Dennis Lovelady
I enjoyed the video, Lone Wolf! Looks like you have a handle on that flying machine! Good for you! 👍👍
Tomás Morgado
Like , very good video
What can I say.....IT’S A LONE WOLF DAY You are so beautiful my dear friend ❤️🤗🥰
Ray Hayden, J.D.
Grabbing more of your time, Watching and Supporting!
hello hello
Beautiful video, really enjoyed this and the music is my kind.🤗
Dave Stredulinsky
Lovely views in the woods. The view at the start with with the rain and the sun was very nice. Interesting music and nice drone practising. Thank you for sharing.
Jennifer Morales - Feline Films
very cool filming! all the greenery looks so lush 😊
Philip Cockram
Good little video . Nice drone flight .
RV Life with Ken and Jane
Dang !!! I love this song Ken 🤠👍
RV Life with Ken and Jane
This is good! Love all of it. I am working on a song to put to this sort of video , but in the desert.
Lee Lucas
I see you was out and about again and I couple of years ago I was thinking of getting a drone, one that you could fly or hover indoors with a camera on so I could film myself playing the guitar or piano. I was looking at a good few reviews of them to see which drones were more stable at hovering in more of a stable position. But the one thing I did not take into account at the time was the noise they make to which would be pretty much useless for the task I wanted it for. So I gave up on the idea of getting one in the end :)))). I think they are great for filming overhead shots outdoors though, and I have never had one before and would very much need to get a practice zone like yourself to get used to controlling one. Great video and the song goes with the it too and I like the cool video FX as well.
Anja Ge
Lovely pictures!
Happy 2019!!!!!
Summer's Place
Check this footage out lol
Wye Explorer
Loving the light and the water there Lone Wolf. To think that water has traveled the rivers in the sky. No energy in and none out - all still there. Lovely song - we'll see it from above soon. All the best. Mark
4 Crying Out Loud!
Very cool scenes in the woods! Nice drone! You could probably get some really nice drone shots - if it can handle a camera. Like 76. Have a lovely Friday and weekend also.
John C RV
Nice editing. 👍
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DJ Arch Jnr wins SA’s Got Talent Wood call it a day 2 days ago   04:22

We have a winner! Six acts competed for the grand prize and after a nerve-wrecking finale on Sunday, 8 November, DJ arch Jnr was crowned the winner.