Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs LeBron James Full Highlights 3 months ago   09:44

MLG Highlights
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Fortnite Monster
Brother i hate this vid cause skipping
Fernando Javier Torres
if manu was playing the last minutes of the game, manu scores and makes the difference. manu wins match, that is missing the spurs
NiftyPlayz 1
Go Lakers!
Don Elizalde
Aldridge i think is the last remaining old school post ups in nba. Nowadays...centers... 3s...
All the hate. When he retires, the league will drastically change. You haters will miss him.
Stephen Cooper
1:05 How many steps? How is that not travelling?
Раушания Юлбахтина
I love you i kiss you
A:M Rush
Go spurs !!!😃😃😃
Kendrick LO
7:54 LeBron being Curry
demarcus mclean
Lebron is O.C. As fuck!
1:05 how many steps was that? was aldridge trying to walk away from the spurs?
Eric Shomer
Isaiah Celestin
I just wanted to leave a comment because this game was 🔥
Ginovious Thomas
Both the Lakers and Spurs need to play some defense
Jasonite _ gaming
Spurs vs Lakers so far spurs 3 wins Lakers 1 win
Erza Kuranosuke
hahaha fck this announcer. when rozan left lebron in the dust and lay up in three defenders in thr paint theres no fcking reaction. but when lebron a simple hook shot and theres a fking stupid announcer fcking shit hyped like its the end of the world
Kabit Kabit
lakers had a playoff caliber team and talented young core but not enough to win a championship...
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LeBron James Full Highlights Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs 3 months ago   08:03

December 5 , 2018 | LeBron James Full Highlights Lakers vs Spurs - 42 Pts, 4th Quarter EXPLOSiON! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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