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President Trump's State Of The Union | Watch The Full, On-Camera Shouting - At Up-Tube.com

President Trump's State of the Union Watch the full, on-camera shouting 2 months ago   1:46:07

Wall Street Journal
President Trump's State of the Union address and the Democratic response.

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Shula Hangel
trump is the best president and menny countrys wish to have
Odd Ball
The Democratic response was nothing but a dramatic looney talk
lobo 19
Best president ever nobody quite like him I thought America was down and out if Hillary would have taken the presidency I don't know where we'd be I don't think we'd be America anymore he saved the day but we still have a lot of work to do thank you President Trump for what you've done we don't deserve anyone as good as you but thank you for what you've given us
KellyAnn McGregor
Hang polcrapaki!!
Robin Allen
One two Mueller coming for You
The best ever at his job carrying for the people and country like no one before and after.
willy fey
Lucky you are American people with a very good president, president Trump! greatings from Belgium!
Susan Barber
Excuse me!!!!!!what was this a clapping game...I'm just lost here ..I can't even speak .lol
Pat d
Proud of Trump Great speech! In fact, one of the best speeches, ever. Of course, Demon👹Rats made fools of themselves. No class or respect for the House, Office of the President, or Country.
Chalinero Chlnro
Best president in this century. Hari bol..
Contact your Congressman and Senators. They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. Article 1 is clear - Founders intended Government to be operated on a yearly basis. The Founders intended Congress to over-ride any Presidential Veto by providing for 2/3 majority vote to pass veto-proof legislation. As such, tell your Senators and Congressional Representative to send veto-proof Continuing Resolution ("CR") to keep government operating on a yearly basis. If this action was done just one time, all Presidents would learn there is no way to shut down the government as a negotiating tool. Government operations are supposed to be non-partisan. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from political activity at work! The President, through the Office of Management & Budget {"OMB") and the Office of Personnel Management ("OPM"), is violating the Hatch Act when he directs the Executive Branch to take political partisan action - shutting down the government to teach everyone a political lesson - involving government operations. And, the President is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") and the 13th Amendment, when he compels work without pay (compensation). And, Congress and the Supreme Court are both complicit in these crimes! Congress because they failed to pass veto-proof CR to keep government open and the Supreme Court because they are allowing Executive Branch to compel work without pay - Court should issue Order prohibiting employees from working without pay - which would mean a REAL shutdown. Get involved. Send the President and Congress a message - stop the shutdowns because they are unlawful!!!
Mike Parkes
Embarrassingly inaccurate and inadequate Democratic response.
I thought (and hoped) it might be better.
Apparently not.
Angelo Mendez
All of Nancy P body language suggests the US-Mexico wall will hurt her pockets the most. Stay out of Venezuela or more gangs will pop up.

Also stop Chanting USA, its childish. Instead chant "HU-MAN-ITY"; down with Globalism.
Ed Thring
The brave veterans didn't risk their lives so that Democrats can import illegal aliens to vote for them! But it seems that it's alright for Democrat politicians to legislate to kill babies at birth! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
Terminal Insanity
51:00 Trump discusses the First Step Act which he worked to pass. It will help free innocent people from prisons, particularly African Americans. Watch the Democrats refuse to clap.

When Mathew is presented as the first person to be released with the First Step Act, the black Democrats finally cave in and clap, beause they know, even if they don't like Trump, this is a legitimately good thing.
But all the white Democrats refuse to clap because they don't actually think or care about it. They just don't like Trump, because Trump won and they didnt
Terminal Insanity
The Death Tax/Estate Tax robs families of their wealth, keeping poor families poor forever. It robs black families in particular. One black man gets ahead, and Democrats want to tax it all away when he dies, instead of letting him leave it for his children to flourish with
Terminal Insanity
Look at the comments of all the sotu videos. We're like 80% of the population.
The media pretends it's a narrow majority for socialists, but the reality is America is proudly pro-capitalism.

Don't let the media scare you into silence
Terminal Insanity
35:24 trump talks about growing the middle class, and reducing poverty, and the Democrats stay seated refusing to clap.

Democrats want poor people, because then they can get votes by blaming their poverty on political opponents.
Terminal Insanity
The left absolutely hates Buzz Aldrin. He refused to go along with the erasure of the American flag on the moon.
They want to erase western culture. Buzz Aldrin is American culture.
Terminal Insanity
Notice AOC starts off by refusing to clap or acknowledge anything? And by the end she's giving high-fives and chanting "USA"
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Watch the full, on-camera shouting President Trump's State of the Union 2 months ago   10:31

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) clashed Dec. 11 with President Trump over border security, during a meeting in the Oval Office. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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