The Cast Remembers: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: 3 months ago   04:36

The actor shares stories from shooting pivotal scenes throughout the series, and what he thinks is unique about Game of Thrones.

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Aaron Mitchell
Jamie should've rammed his sword right into Cersei's heart or belly with a tearful eye and she kisses him before she drops dead to the floor. #Queenslayer
paul b
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Peter Dinklage scenes in season 8 got me through it. Despite a disappointing finale these two when together in season 8 where amazing
The Ferryman
"Go out on a high"........looking back this is pretty fucking funny.....
The multi univers
ohhh miss this men :(
Mr. Bigglesworth
What a great arc that finished by going back to it's beginning rendering his whole story pointless. Talented actor. Terrible writers.
Abhisar Sharma
Hands down to one of the best actors of GOT. Thank you Nikolaj! You're performance as Jaime is some of the finest acting I've ever witnessed
Anime Is dope
You can tell he’s such a guy from the way he looks
the commandon't
Music in the second half is called "a lion's legacy" it's great :)
What D&D did to his character in the end was a crime.
Abdul Basit
4:14, Is this the scene when he kills Aerys and sits on the Iron Throne?
Miguel Zino
It certainly was a great show, for a time. Here's hoping Martin will finish writing the books relatively soon, which could be ~10 years.
Nicolas Roman Segura
my 3 favorite characters:
Jaime Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Sandor Clegane
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo Bentulan
Where's the re-members for Alfie Allen? I was hoping Theon would be like the North in re-membering.


: At last the surgery was complete. Theon was a man again, and Ramsay even less of one than before.

The North re-members.
Laurent Van den Spiegel
[D&D writing season 8]

How about we throw away 8 years of great character development in 1 episode without a decent explanation? Seems pretty good.

I'm still sad about season 8 and how bad it was
beast incarnate
Am i the only one who thinks he looks like Wolverine
Sun Child
After reading most of the first book it seems to me that Jaime was given a "good" arc purely because Nikolaj is such a nice bloke. Jaime is reeeeaallly detestable in the first book. It may change as it goes on but so far nowhere near as honorable.
Pitty he died to bricks
Hiếu Lưu Trần
He finally got his hand back after ss8
Alucard Brian
Jaime to me was always a knight in shining armor like every story but his experiences tell him otherwise like finding out that he was chosen for Kingsguard for political not his skill, broke the very bow, and broken character... Later episodes he pick up the broken pieces, piece by piece. and restored himself at season 8 episode 2.
Jessie Wang
We are building it up to burn it down...
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The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: The Cast Remembers: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 3 months ago   10:43

The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.