Late Model Suspension Cam Inside the Cockpit of a Dirt Late 2 days ago   01:36

Andy Galgoci
Andy Galgoci qualifying at Merritt Speedway - 2013
Dirt Late Model Suspension by GoPro camera

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I believe this a Rayburn. look at the z link on the right rear and a normal 4 link on left rear
Miles Deubert
How much pinion angle do you run with that lift/pull bar setup? I had never seen one like it until I picked up this rayburn latemodel. Could use a little help with setting it.
Joe Chaplinski
how did he finish the feature?
Greg Evans
What the fuck is the shit. Fucking wizardry.
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Inside the Cockpit of a Dirt Late Late Model Suspension Cam 2 days ago   01:47

Team Valvoline puts you inside the cockpit of Josh Richards' Dirt Late Model. Check out for more great content like this!