Self Driving RC Car Project - Computer Self-Driving R/C Cars Built on TensorFlow 9 months ago   06:42

Haroldo Filho
In the span of 3 months, The Titans, a group of 9 graduate Computer Engineering students at SJSU, designed, built, and wrote the software for an autonomous electric RC car as the term project for the class cmpe243.
It has obstacle avoidance, speed control, GPS and compass guided navigation, and Bluetooth interface with the Titans Android App, which allows the user to enter a destination, download a route to the car and start navigation, as well as monitor the car's location at any given time.
Press 'Go', and the car simply goes there, navigating between buildings and avoiding pedestrians or any obstacles along the way.
We replaced the stock electronics on a Traxxas RC car with our own, along with all necessary PCBs and sensors.

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Rajandeep Singh
Check out very detailed Udemy Course on Self Driving Car
ajay rs
any breaking feature is added to this system......?
Ranjith Ranjith
Ahasib Rifat
it runs like a snake!!
Samatha Reddy
What are the things to make it??
Laksh Mahajan
Hi can I get codes
Manjunath Pm
There is a problem with this project...
Thanh Tuấn Nguyễn
This car will stop if the distance between its current location and the final location is lower than 1 meter, right?
Penguinz 9000
tilted wheels
loks like your error correction becomes the main error. not clever at all not understanding error correction
Victor Yu
Cool project! By the way, why did you decide to use the chassis Traxxas 1/10 Slash 2WD? I am starting to build a mobile robot of my own and wondering what were the pros and cons of using this particular chassis as your base.
it is continuously steering left and right
Mike Petrichenko
vedant joshi
you guys are great ..... I didn't find any other self driving car like this on YouTube and thank you for uploading all the information related to this.
jayenth s
Can you give me the complete details of this project plz
ART baba
Can you give me the cording of arduino
mike ross
5 M3's standing by.
Eduardo Anonimo
First world kids wasting money...
Homebrew Engineering
Very nice design project :) Right now I'm also making my own design project but in the field of biomedical using of course computer engineering principles.
Austin Rastall
Traxxas slash 2wd?
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Self-Driving R/C Cars Built on TensorFlow Self Driving RC Car Project - Computer 9 months ago   03:17

Otavio and Will were showing off their autonomous vehicles at Maker Faire. These are not the self-driving cars you get around town in, they're RC vehicles that are inexpensive to experiment with.

Otavio talks us through some test race footage and Will tells us about the Donkey Car you can build for about $200 in parts if you want to give autonomous RC a try.

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