Being Habesha in South Korea How I live in Korea but don't speak 2 months ago   03:07

Koreans and Ethiopians share a few cultural similarities; something I didn't really expect before coming here. anyway, my cousin and I went for Ethiopian food in South Korea. who woulda thunk it?! nothing compares to the motherland or mama's cooking, but it was still pretty good!

Zion - Itaewon, Seoul - Itaewon stn, exit 3. walk straight 100m and hang a right. you'll see it on your left hand side.

Betty vlogs tooooooo

till next time friendz.

IG / SC: ewnett

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T sin
There's a habesha restaurant in Korea what the freakkklol
Selome Tesfaye
Hey I'm ethiopian I'm coming from Ethiopia for a few days to Korea any suggestions
Omg theres a restaurant there, i feel more at ease now
Taehyung heart
I wish to go korea
Heyy can you write down what you have ordered? I'm gonna order it when i get a chance to visit that restaurant
Yared A Abera
South Korea is in my bucket list.
Black SwanA
hey im planning to come to korea can u tell me few collages for me to apply
Voyager 1
I respect Ethiopia forever protecting the Republic of Korea in the Korean War, and I love you.
If it were not for you, there is no Korea today.
Far away but always Koreans love Ethiopia and respect forever.
I support the prosperity of Ethiopia in Korea actively.
And good health and good luck.
Love it. OTL
Hdhdjdj Ndnddjj
Army ethiopan here
I don't usually like to comment on youtube but.... weynee amargnash yamral!! N' so gorgeous! konjo!
Dawit F. Amanu
OMG it's amazing! Is it in Seoul? I'm asking this because I'm moving to Seoul.
ዳንIEL Seifesellasie
ጤና ይስጥልኝ
How long did it take you to learn korean?
Hanan Jm
Beautiful ethiopian
yaaayyy! I finally see habeshas in korea. Im so happy. It would be great if there are more habeshas in korean. I'm going to Korea very soon, hopefully, and it makes me feel so much better knowing that there is my culture and tradition food!!
M Mena
Habeshas are everywhere 😂 soooo hungry now
Viv Ian
OMGGG there is an Ethiopian restaurant in Korea * shookk * in the best way. Excuse me spamming all your videos with shook comments haha, loving all this content. 😊😎
Ephi Music
oww what can i say ? really I'm proud to be Ethiopian & I'm also in korea so i would like to give you a thanks for introducing our beloved country ♥
Knowing there's habeshas in Korea 😭😭 trying to convince my parents to let me go
Rick Sanchez
i knew you were habesha!
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How I live in Korea but don't speak Being Habesha in South Korea 2 months ago   03:54

23. so obviously, learning how to speak Korean will help you if you’re planning to move here.. but I survived 2 years without speaking the language and here’s why/how i did it!

culcom language exchange:

how i learned to read in less than an hour:

I also forgot to mention that different cities offer many free Korean classes for foreigners so that’s also another option.


Camera: sonya500
IG/SC: ewnett