Is Engineering Right For Me? Is it still worth becoming an Engineer? 6 months ago   06:29

Aimed at high school students considering engineering as a career, this video by the University at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Sciences describes the unique features of engineering thinking and problem solving.

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Colzc blah
If you are interested in engineering, please realize that you need good communication skills. Public speaking and technical writing are the two skills most recruiters look for. If you have problems articulating your thoughts to speech or you don't have great public speaking abilities, I suggest you try something else. I've wasted lots of time and energy trying to get pass the interviewing process, and I've worked in many technical and non technical industries that relate to engineering, but cannot get pass the hiring staff. In most cases, I'm applying for engineering positions that pay very low compare to what I'm currently making on a non-engineering job. Engineering is great, but I could never get my foot in the door to tell you about it. Four years of college and lots of money and time invested just so I can be rejected time after time again. My last job was a field tech where I did the same thing as an engineer, but without the pay. I was really good at it but left because I didn't have the engineering title that would allow me to move up or change industries.
Andrew Hagstrom
So many damn Indians in engineering with annoying accents.
The Engineering Toolbox Channel
Nice Video!
nicole liu
Wish I can watch this Video earlier, engineer is such a great job!
Ian Smith
I'm currently a sophomore engineering student. I'm quite confident in my abilities to do math and physics, but I sometimes question whether engineering is right for me or not. I question this because the field is so broad that I don't know what exactly I would be doing in a mechanical engineering career. Therefore I worry if I have the right skills to actually succeed in my future career. By doing well in math and physics, does that mean I should be an engineer? Granted I am only a sophomore and haven't reached the higher, more concentrated classes yet.
Abdi Ahmed
First year at college studying engineering but i feel like Iam not good at math so what should I do guys?
Andrew McLeod
Harvey G Stenger jr def beats the pussy up
Randall George
Engineering overview circa 1996?
Antonio Green
my communications skills are great cause i do alot of Social Networking and TroubleShooting
Antonio Green
Dicxonthegreat 1337
I want to become Aerospace Engineer I know I can do it
Chris Bouwhuis
I'm always skeptical of collegiate sales pitch videos because all they are is glamorized marketing to recruit students so they (the professors) have jobs of people to teach to. Most professors are professors because they like teaching, research and focus far more on theory and are weaker on practical application - hence the load's of math they often require in curriculum but is rarely used to anywhere the same level of intensity by most in field engineers. One minor exception to the math thing is in electrical engineering, but even then, you can learn the basics of electrical engineering math by studying the test for an FCC ham radio license. While a degree is most often required to work in engineering, the curriculum requirements are often far in excess of what's actually useful for a successful career and largely so that colleges suck more money from students to support ivory tower academic careers and related lifestyle. Budgets, including salaries, etc are directly tied to student enrollment in a given departments. Colleges and professors are incredibly biased in their marketing. Just saying...don't base your decision on collegiate marketing sales pitches such as this. Even most of the pictures are things they never worked on and students working together in labs and nothing that is actually field work.
Jess Stuart
5:10 Okay kids, we need you to solve these difficult intractable problems that have been in-the-making over the past 100 years. Why is it engineers' responsibility to rescue society? I say most people are ignorant animals, and deserve whatever they get.
Oleg Andrjustsenko
Лайк, если делаешь домашку по английскому.
Ali Emad
You can enter any field with an engineering degree but you can never enter engineering with any non engineering degree
Andrew Budiman
Partial differential equations turn me on sexually
So is this saying people that do become engineers already have an "engineers mindset" or you learn to "think as an engineer" after school. Any average joe can walk into college and take on the classes?
Faisal AlArfaj
Its easy and fun. Go for it!
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Is it still worth becoming an Engineer? Is Engineering Right For Me? 6 months ago   04:01

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