Angelina Jolie interview Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's 2 days ago   01:51

Sarajevo Film Festival
Angelina Jolie, Actress

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Bosnia loves you too!!!
Now it's the fault of serbians picka ti materina
But her arms are so vainy
mam mim
love ANGIE !!! Always and Forever !!!
Lorraine Bryan
jonn dohh
Fedra Ximenez
Oh really Billy Bob said that he was the stupiest man in the world to let go away angelina.

Fedra Ximenez
She is the most intelligent woman of the showbizz, she have a lot to give behind the camera and she is very precious. But don´t be bad to her wain weight because she is very very very skiny.And Brad is a man and maybe she dont like her so much this way.
Finansijski obrazovan
Weltbekannte HURE!
Finansijski obrazovan
Ало балава белосветска дрољо, бацила си бумеранг глупачо!
Ariel 83
What a stupid comment! she is humble and amazing!
Tapetar Boban
@doomqueen sarajevo fu ck you !!!
Tapetar Boban
mislim da joj je krivo sto i ona nije dobila malo srpske papaje pa masta o tome a svoje mastarije iskazala kroz ovaj glupi film...
sooo painfully thin :O
@lolek165 i think you need help.....
@lolek165 shes a vampire?
Wow, the trailer sounds good, it will be a very good movie, for sure...
she seems happy:))
undead probably
Sara lewis
@queenofsheba1000 i think she has bigger things in life to worry about than a vein popping out of her head...her family, her movie career etc also al the humanitarian work she does....and i reali doubt u r anywer near as beautiful as her...her face is unbelievable...she is the most beautiful woman to set foot on earth for sure...obs as she ages that wil fade bt not many people r born wiv a face like that
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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Angelina Jolie interview 2 days ago   01:35

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Angelina Jolie's flirtiest moments with Brad Pitt in honor of her birthday!

I'm Karli and we've got a special tribute to the A-list birthday girl in today's PopSugar Rush!

Superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt love to get flirtatious when out on the town. They often pack on the PDA when cameras are rolling, and we've gathered some sweet moments in honor of Angie's 36th birthday tomorrow.

Check out Brad getting a handful of Angelina's backside at her Changeling premiere in 2008. She doesn't seemed bothered by the public grab at all, even holding his hand in place as they make their way down the red carpet.

The couple got particularly cutesy during the 2009 award season, with Angelina placing her hand on Brad's chest as they shared a laugh.

In Cannes that same year, the regal-looking duo momentarily broke from their serious stares, with Angelina gazing into Brad's eyes, wrapping her arms around him, and letting out a little giggle.

The private talk continued at Angelina's Salt premiere in 2010. We don't know what sweet nothings Brad may have been whispering, but whatever they were, Angelina's smile says it all.

She seemed giddy again at the 2011 Oscars, batting her eyelashes at a proud-looking Mr. Pitt.

And back at Cannes, Brad's focus was again on Angie's bottom. He couldn't keep his hands off his lady's rear, giving her a couple love taps before heading into the festival.

Together since 2005, Angelina and Brad sure know how to keep things hot! Happy Birthday Angelina!