NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with 3 months ago   17:54

Giannis & LeBron draft their teams ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend!

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Amee Wildey
I love Giannis
Lau A
Giannis selecting Ben Simmons, but played for Team LeBron
Did anyone realize this is fake and in the background behind Shaq and Ernie there were already the teams jerseys next to each other
Michael Amechi
I love this kid Giannis. Just has great warm personality.
Ben The Window Cleaner
Dumbest All-Star game ever
I havent really watched the nba for the past 2 yrs, embiid is better than Harden ?
River Jakepaul
Did Ben and Russ switch
I guess I'm old school, what happened to the fans, (who pay their hard earned money to go see some of these players) voting for the players who play in the All-Star Game? Is there no East vs West anymore? Why put two players on a pedestal to be team captains have a draft? I would like to see more input from fans, coaches, media, etc... on who is selected.
Nadya Peskova
They put Russell Westbrook and KD on the same team and James harden #OKCREBUILD
why does westbrook eventually play for team Giannis :S ?
Ban Nsabin
Team America Vs Team Intl
Regular Bloons Player
Yes sir! We open!
Real 1 Killa
Super Saiyan Monster
DeRozan got snub???
The perfect timing 15:22
jose ortiz
Not surprised Lebron is picking first and getting KD off Rip boy knows
Your Name Here
Lebron is a beast at picking teams lol
ibr bak
I'm just surprised there weren't any Woj bombs on this draft
Saggy Chips
I have a suspicion that Team Lebron will destroy in this game
Mark Mccormick
I think its awesome that Giannis picked Khris Middleton, like the loyalty with his Bucks teammates
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Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT 3 months ago   05:19

Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with NBA All-Star Draft Weekend | INSIDE THE NBA