NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with 2 weeks ago   17:54

Giannis & LeBron draft their teams ahead of NBA All-Star Weekend!

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jose ortiz
Not surprised Lebron is picking first and getting KD off Rip boy knows
Your Name Here
Lebron is a beast at picking teams lol
ibr bak
I'm just surprised there weren't any Woj bombs on this draft
Ninja Taco
I have a suspicion that Team Lebron will destroy in this game
Mark Mccormick
I think its awesome that Giannis picked Khris Middleton, like the loyalty with his Bucks teammates
Lebron going to try to play aldridge u til he dies so lakers can take spurs playoff spot
Yasemin Cruz
Why lebron pick a a should be steve curry
Jefferson Petarco
Luka's not an all star?
11:20 By the way, James Harden still available 😂😂
Chad Tennant
TNT figured out another way to waste people's time. Televise players picking players. 😄 #nba
Hugo Brook
Adverts from 5:35 to 8:48 lol do they know how YouTube works
John Doe
Seojoon Lee
I didn't know you drop the first "n" in Antetokounmpo. Now it'll bother me every time I hear it pronounced wrong lol!
Starts 9:40
Saathvik Anand
The ads end at 8:50
Michael J Del Toro
This was actually pretty fun to watch. I was a little surprised.
The Cold Cloud
11:05 he sounded cute
Giannis chose who he wanted to play with not who would help him win, the all star game is meant only for entertainment
The Real Cupcake Durant
Would you all still Love me if I didnt share my cupcakes? Please. They are all I have. Nobody respects me because I bought my rings. But I made these cupcakes so can i get some respek please for being a good baker? Thanks
david oneil
I like the way Giannis picked. He went for guys having breakout years. A chance for the new school to beat the old school! This will be an exciting game to watch!
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Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT 2 weeks ago   05:19

Charles & Shaquille EXCITED with NBA All-Star Draft Weekend | INSIDE THE NBA