Living on Campus at UCLA College Admissions Game Video 8 months ago   04:52

Be a part of a unique and diverse community of over 9,000 students and experience the convenience and comfort of living close to classrooms, libraries and recreational facilities.

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Matt hillman
University of California Los Angeles
John Son
just love ucla
AwesomeLegoPro 10
Awsome campus!
Kawpan Rattanachote
Do you really need to be smart to get in to this university? (I'm still really young, my dad is kinda strict 😅)
Rong Zhang
It s so nice to see the UCLA back in 2009 it s exactly the same as it is now !!
Stefhon Walker
0:47 I swear the one on the left has a mustache!
I imagine the medical students of UCLA will be very disappointed to discover that UCLA Hospital only cares about profit and does not care about patients at all. I'm sure that's not why most of them decided to become healers.
Kurt Roundstone
So expensive for a public college
Moy JG
Hope i get to attend UCLA this fall. I'm so excited about UCLA. It's the PERFECT school for me
Merlin Da Wiz
Im a junior and high school , I have good grades and I play football somare there anything out there for scholsrships and such?
lucia Tran
Ugh i want to go now
Chips Barranco
Is it true that transfer students get guaranteed housing for one year? Does this mean living on campus for free?
holy shit that's Mr.contreras
Emily D
I am only a high school freshman and I don't know how to prepare to get into this school. How should I do this?
Zoea Alberts
Do you guys offer scholarships to international students? If so please point me in the right direction. It's my dream to go to UCLA!
Carter Smith
bonjour UCLA propose t'il des etude sur le management ou le business
16, Florida, Junior
Try USC for that one.
Is there a good engineering program
Study Hard, Sleep Easy
Can't wait to start my journey as a Bruin this fall!!!
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College Admissions Game Video Living on Campus at UCLA 8 months ago   04:18

This video from Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, CA illustrates it is not only grades that factor into college admission decisions.