Watch This Sheriff Get Caught TOP 10 INSTANT KARMA MOMENTS FOR DRUNK 1 day ago   26:16

Derek Van Schaik
Find out if they arrest this Sheriff for super drunk driving or if just try to covered it up.

On November 16, 2018, Midland County, Michigan Sheriff Scott Stephenson is sleeping drunk in his car on the side of the road (M-66 in Garfield Township, Michigan) in Kalkaska County Michigan, USA. Kalkaska County Sheriff Deputy Ashley Van Sloten is dispatched to the scene, since someone called him in for being slumped over in the driver's front seat of his car on the road side.

This is fascinating because you get to see how someone high up in law enforcement gets treated when they commit a crime.
Sheriff Scott Stephenson initially seems to think he can get out of the drunk driving (OWI / DUI) because he’s a sheriff and they wouldn’t dare arrest a sheriff, but you’ll notice how everything changes when he starts to realize that he may actually be a sheriff in jail. We’re going to analyze body language and breakdown this very unique situation to reveal to you all the insights.

Give this video a thumbs up if he should be charged with drunk driving.
Give this video a thumbs down if he should walk free.

Now in the comments: Why do you think Sheriff Scott Stephenson drove super drunk? Do you think he thought he wouldn’t get caught, thought he could get out of it if he did get caught? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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Derek Van Schaik
Why do you think Sheriff Scott Stephenson drove super drunk?
“I’ve had a bad gosh darn day”
Vivian Mugoha
Haha I thought my connection was bad till I realised he was using bad baaad words all along 😅 oh you naughty ol' sheriff 😅😅😅
Saoud Mulla
In a nutshell his uncle fucked his mom and he got mad then got drunk
No Name
This cop should be fired immediately. She's clearly only concerned about her reputation and what might happen to her knowing things are being recorded and that there are witnesses. In a different situation this cop's actions would probably be very different. The fact she is apologetic to the sheriff and feels the need to call her boss to ask him/her how to handle the situation (ie- almost asking for permission to not arrest him) and expresses she is basically regretful she has to arrest him is clear she is weak of character and could/would be easily turned to the dark side in the presence of a sith lord.
Dan McCabe
18:43 rick? is that you?
Karli O’Neill
Can’t believe that retired sheriff “it’s not like the old days”
Strangeman MTD
This is funny. Its like watching a spider get tangled and trapped in its own web.
The shitty thing is, those cops clearly would've let him go had they not gotten as far into the call as they did.
kera wisher-erbelding
And he spends the rest of his days ruining her career!
I think he got drunk and once drunk stopped caring bout consequences. So decided to drive drunk.
Guarantee it wasn't the 1st or 2nd time this sheriff was guilty of DUI.
It was just the 1st time he got caught.
maybe if the cops didnt treat people like they do and abuse there power like they do they wouldnt have some much monitoring so they could get away with stuff like this every once in a while
Rogal Dorn
In all honesty, I think with drunk drivers some leniency should be given. Don’t get me wrong they deserve to be punished they are endangering themselves and others, but like any other bad decisions we make while drunk the decision to drive is one of those. I’m not 100% on the punishments that should be given but hold them 100% accountable to anyone they harm or kill. But if a drunk driver is still being safeish and using turn signals and abiding road laws sure I can see drunk tank time and some fines.
Josh Sanchez
He should have aske Jerry to give him a lift home or pulled over in the neighborhood and jumped into the passenger seat before falling asleep! He would have had a better chance at getting around an arrest!
"Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson was arrested in Kalakaska County on Nov. 16. He's still on the job and he plans on *continuing to serve as sheriff while the case goes through the court system* " 😐
Sid Vicious
Corruption between cops is a huge problem around the world. In that world you "owe" the people above you so much for getting people beneath you. In any job this is a problem. But with law enforcement it's affecting more than the employees of a single company.
Sabine van Sloten
Off topic, but your last name is dutch and sounds so different how you say it 😂
Василия -x- Vasilia
*She sounds like SneperWolf*
Baby Shenanigans
"I can't go to jail for drunk driving!!" SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE YOU DROVE DRUNK!!! Good lord, the entitlement of some people.
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