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New Mystery Riddles And Illusions To Test | 23 Best Mystery Riddles That - At Up-Tube.com

NEW Mystery Riddles and Illusions to Test 23 BEST MYSTERY RIDDLES THAT 1 week ago   21:26

Jay from the Kubz Scouts hacked the mainframe and is on a roll today. I (Gloom) am trying to keep up and solve these riddles with him. Enjoy!
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Talha The Shadow
4:443 but he's a doctor? He could have done DNA test
Annabel .M
The body of a girl was found near the apartment and the dad said her parents should be upset girl and her so the dad is not the killer because he herd it on the new that it was a girl
sponge bob
The bow is from the other bun
Astrynax Unruh
uh if you look back on the buried thing it says little girl... I fell confused.
ShaiLy and Lena
My name is Lena! And the person looks like me! Wow! And I have GLASSES.
Sarah Morse-McNabb
I know Morse code
Abigail Evans
did anyone else hit the screen when Jay said hi-five??
Mystery and Unknown
Jay in the firsts riddle does not get it
Me: The little girl does not have two bows and how come a hair is standing up even if it not tie
Meg Kovalik
The first one was confusing to Cassie and Jay but the girl’s bow could’ve just fallen off and the dad had picked it up
BasicXcecilia 3
Nobody :

Cassie : casually reads riddle

Again nobody:


12:01 😂😂😂😂
George Gonzalez
George Gonzalez
6:18 high five
I’m Trash
4:00 the news said a girl was found dead then Joey called his dad and said “dad did you read the news yet?” And the father said “no” Joey replies “A body was found dead in our old apartment!!!” And the father said “Oh no that’s terrible I wonder how her parents feel!:O” How did the father of Joey know that it was a girl when the father said he hasn’t watch the news and Joey didn’t say it was a girl or a boy?
Mahbubur Rahman
The maze said exit.🤓❤💛💚💙💜♥
Azzi Scully
The news did say girl but he didn’t know so ya
Amanda Duran
The second riddle who the guy didn’t know who he was with made no sense because the red dressed girl said, “I’m his wife!” Or something BUT they both had no RINGS! What is also weird is how did the girl no where the guy was sooo she could have been at the party toooo.And really it doesn’t matter what you wear to a party.
awesome love animal friends
The bow was probably there because it was from the other side of her hair and it fell out so he took it and put it in his pocket Maybe
Baz Byrne

Hey, is it just me or did he just call a microwave an oven, but then call the oven by its name straight after?
Everything Miki
Rosette Plays
I was right on the where is the lunch one. Because if “the lunch isn’t here” is true for the microwave, then the other one is a lie saying it’s in there. So, both the microwave and oven are lies, therefore the microwave is where it is hidden.
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23 BEST MYSTERY RIDDLES THAT NEW Mystery Riddles and Illusions to Test 1 week ago   15:16

Here is a huge set of the best mystery riddles that stump the Internet! If you want to test your IQ and increase your intelligence, try these brainy puzzles out! If you want to crack puzzles fast, then solve these brain games every day. This way you will boost your brain and improve your logic!

00:14 - John and Mary woke up because their son was crying. He told them that a vampire tried to bite him! Who is the vampire?
01:25 - Who are the aliens? Improve your intelligence and boost your brain power with this tricky riddle!
02:42 - These brain-boosting visual puzzles will train your eyes and increase your attention! Find all the aliens!
04:33 - It's a difficult riddle that will test your survival skills and the ability to think outside the box ;)
06:40 - A set of visual puzzles for all the vampire experts! Can you find a fake vampire?
08:00 - Who is the werewolf? Test your analytical skills and increase your IQ with this tricky brain teaser!
09:20 - Hey, it's time to train your eyes and test your attentiveness to the details! Where are the vampire and the witch hiding? Find them out before the time is up!
10:15 - How many animals do you see? Boost your math skills and attentiveness with these cute visual puzzles for kids and adults!
11:31 - Check out this mystery brain teaser and test your logical skills! Who is the werewolf?
12:33 - Who is alive? A set of visual brain teasers to boost your brain and increase your logical thinking!
13:52 - Who is a vampire? Pay attention to the details and you will easily solve this visual puzzle!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these riddles' answers did you get right?

#bestriddles #mysteryriddles #logicpuzzles

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