BIGGEST TURBO I'VE EVER Breaking News: 2020 GMC Sierra 4 months ago   11:37

Street Speed 717
Dazzle Pro Link!
Give it a try of you need a new brushing setup!


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Street Speed 717
Draggin fords by day, selling toothbrushes by night... Do you guys want to see Part 2 of this video tomorrow or a Grand Sport upload??
William Mayberry
You should put super singles on the dirtymax
David Tran Media
All them got girls on deck causebyoutube money lol
Andrew Foster
65 mm is nothing. My uncle has twin 85 mm turbos on a 400 lsx 1998 z28 camaro. All electronics are holly efi
I bought two of those tooth brushes and one showed up not working at all and dazzle pro won't even contact me back I don't suggest buying
Munching Tsar
You ought to join the dually club
Truck Master
😂 great video
Chris Wolf
Lol he bought a new ass turbo since he got gapped by the ford
That turbo is tiny. You should put a train turbo on it
Matt Jump
Should have went with Fleece Performance Engineering...
That bmx Guy
Those super singles are dangerous don’t use them for hauling anything they have a bad reputation for exploding under pressure
That tube tv tho
"Thats not the biggest one ive ever seen" story of my life
gerald white
For the tooth brush what do you do to get the discount?
Blake Gardner
I had a 93 bronco with 38 by 18s those tires are huge
justin forrest
Check out aguyfromalabama on ig, he makes switches that replace cigarette lighters, pretty sweet
Anthony M
65mm, not big for a v8 diesel pal. Stock LLY is around a 64mm Comp.
Dustin Gardner
I was expecting it to be an 86mm turbo, plenty of guys are running 68mm turbos
michael mcgraw
10:30 is what your here for
Mark's Snakepit
Tooth brush? Really!!!!
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Breaking News: 2020 GMC Sierra BIGGEST TURBO I'VE EVER 4 months ago   05:15

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