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Why Is Trump Meeting Kim In Vietnam? | Dw News | Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare - At Up-Tube.com

Why is Trump meeting Kim in Vietnam? | DW News Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare 6 months ago   05:37

DW News
Vietnam will host the second meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. The choice of host nation is one that works for both leaders. The United States and North Korea both have relations with Vietnam, a country which itself was a communist pariah till some years back, much like North Korea is now. So, is there a message here for North Korea?
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Comments 111 Comments

SEEnime Crack
I'm so proud of Vietnam T^T
Ale Arias
Trump no peapel toch you back March peapel service 4 girs dragon
sunny VN
Socialism Vietnam is dead waiting for the People to issue a permit to bury it?
until When?
it's time Vietnamese have to issue a permit to bury Socialism ?
Opening for Capitalism Sunrise for the Vietnamese ..
sly angler
Vietnam has kept the Chinese from sabotaging their growth. Chinese love to steal everything from everyone..
sly angler
Not once but twice.. Look at South Korea booming economy and first world class. Vietnam is moving the same direction..
Mohamed Fall
The man is just talking about the sex industries. That a key to any moral and descent society. To immoral display. I am with the young leader.
Synthetic Dawn
The professor is right : instead of wasting taxpayer money on elections one party state is more efficient at handling things , unlike the west where elections ruin things for people.
c c
both scripted puppet actors for the world elite...
TK Baha
hosting the meeting in vietnam, they are on cloud 9 .
Blogaman Endomo
0:00 German Kim
edward giangrande
TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020
Random Cat On The Internet
Vietnam is a communist and trump spreading democracy by FREETRADE, civil war is a matter of time when they taste the fruits of liberty
Claim united nation to Papas Ip.is True. Today stories United Nation to The Worlds.
Boku bucks
pandi ta
Will come to second summit for nuclear free.
Ambient Infinite Video AIV
It's another "Plump bromance" with Kimmy Jong-un. Oh, oh. Dennis Rodman is going to get jealous. ha
Mm Mm
Vietnam have internet connection North Korea no internet
hunter agent
grabbin lunch at the Y huh guys
Vietnam is an awesome country!. love from indonesia.
Tom Mitchell
As a American Thank You! To the Vietnam government and people's!! The world needs Peace!
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Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare Why is Trump meeting Kim in Vietnam? | DW News 6 months ago   05:36

Gordon Ramsay travels to Vietnam to understand their food and cooking techniques. His first day he visits a fish market and helps a Vietnamese chef to. prepare clams.

#GordonRamsay #CookingShow

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