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Vietnam will host the second meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. The choice of host nation is one that works for both leaders. The United States and North Korea both have relations with Vietnam, a country which itself was a communist pariah till some years back, much like North Korea is now. So, is there a message here for North Korea?
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Sukensam 123
To show Kim how communist party should work :))
Cindy v
As a free Vietnamese, I would wish the world and Mr. Trump helping to resume the enforcement of 1973 paris peace accords.
All free Vietnamese have lived in shame and hatred.
Nguyen Van Thanh
The main season to choose Viet Nam. Trump want to prove that friend with china is not good after War 1979 Viet Nam- China. In Vietnam , we dont trust china anymore.
Hiệp Huỳnh
I'm Vietnamese and i reccommand Kim not follow the Vietnam train. It's will collapse soon, the North Korea must follow their brother the South Korea regime. That's would be great for both
hoàng vũ sv7
Đến Obama còn thích bún chả ở Vietnam mà😂😂
Guy Fawkes
So they can have their hair pulled out by the monkeys in the jungle
trump is going to have a really sore bung hole after Kim gets through analizing him!!!!!
Joey Martinez
Trump will cancel trip do to bone spurs
El Dorado
Kim jong un will murder Trump in Vietnam.
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
What is the iron fist , the pacifist is better ideally. Were not all boarding parties in a trade sea extravaganza as is the turmoil of many desperado's to command., Marchal Kim perhaps and the Command of the Rovolutionary Americas have to continue the distribution problems without egotistical comparison which is human nature and vain misguidance. They still should be friends as we are inclined to be ,though wild is the pig sometimes. divine wind was probably something the new generations should understand as they should lie easier in the North without the critique of base instincts to savagely cone with intent to destroy or disrpt the way things are . Pergaps even recognise their impoverished situation and what will be navigate freedom with respect not just the standards which virtually flawed with new flawed solutions. Ce la vie isn interesting philosophy
Choochai Phatipatanawong
For those who doesn't know.
Vietnam is the most pro-US country.
Sound stupid and weird but it's the truth.
The worse the relationship in the past is, the better the relationship is today.
Jairul Joe
A meeting in a deMocratic and communist state.. Lol
Rocket man wants a second round huh!?
s p
The president should have went to Vietnam when our country needed him there! guess his bone spurs have had time to heal
hoonsiew yeo
That mad dog's meeting with Mr. KIM of North Korea in Vietnam - good country - to remind those American bastards that US were defeated and humiliated after several years of bloody wars and killings with thousands lives lost on both sides - all for American glory and democracy. Hopefully, this meeting will be a miracle to humiliate the mad dog's perspectives.
Sear Tea
Khuong's comment at 4:37 min
Manta Hoan
Xin Chào. Welcome to Viet Nam
Maybe Vietnam has a great "bone spur" specialist.
Because "Nipple," "Button," and "Nambia" refused to host them.
Si Filey
Me love you long time.
A time when US Soldiers separated women and children and raped them from village to village.
Millions of Vietnamese died.
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Gordon Ramsay Helps Prepare Why is Trump meeting Kim in Vietnam? | DW News 4 days ago   05:36

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