Boyfriend Tag! | Bailey & Asa LIE DETECTOR TEST W/ MY SISTER AND HER "BOYFRIEND" 9 months ago   14:28

Brooklyn and Bailey
Hi y'all, Bailey here! Most of you guys know my boyfriend, Asa, right?? We have been dating for almost 2 YEARS, and we realized that we’ve never filmed a #boyfriendtag video!! What surprised you the most about us?

Be sure to watch Brooklyn's "Single Life Be Like..." funny video from last week, HERE! ✅

In this video, y'all will learn about how Asa and I met, and our first impressions of each other! Have you ever wondered that? We'll also discuss how Asa was chillin’ in the friend zone for a little while… 😅 I don’t know why, but it just took me a little while to realize that I had feelings for him! Asa has actually had a crush on me since the day he first saw me, 🙈 but I’m glad that we were just friends first for a while before we started dating. It gave us the opportunity to really get to know each other, and become best friends before taking the next step into being in a relationship!

I hope that you guys like this video, I feel like it’s basically a fun q&a for y’all to get to know us a little better! After #dating for a few years, Interrogating him and finding out how well he knows me as my #boyfriend was definitely fun for me! 😂 I think he did a pretty good job! What do y'all think?? Comment below!

💋's -Bailey

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Are you guys dating anyone?? Comment below! 💋's - Bailey
Madelyn Curry
I know how ya feel about da eating like a monster then eating nothin
Alexa Alera
You guys dated on Feb 25th and my bday was on 27th
Greta Russo
Bailey: "no no no no!"
Asa: "your just so cute i cant stop"
me: "i wish"
Santa Mahpara
9:27 I can relate so well. Like I ate nothing like nothing but a chips of past 2 days and was full. (No kidding)
I don’t think I can get one .
I TOTALLY get the eating thing!!!!!!!!!!
Madelyn Souder
Who else was so bothered by bailey putting her foot up and it was soooo sickled
Ricci Rubio
OMG they are so sweet together💑💞💞💞
Sydney Amber Novis
I understansd the eating thing!!! I got you Bailey💋
Vinessa Marsh
I am so single, terrified of talking to boys
Vinessa Marsh
I eat a ton and then eat nothing the next day
Ruby Copner
I want a Asa
Batool Enayat
Guys do u ever notice that Brooklyn and bailey wear too much mascara...?? And that's not good for their eyelashes....and I am worried for them ... but i still luv u guys soo much
Radha Ranade
They are so cute together ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😍
Samantha Cammarota
Who else loves Tom Holland💕❤♾
Onica Greene
Madison Cullen
I crave queso all the time too!
Evaniya Thomas
literally the cutest couple
Skylar Stapley
i totally get it. I feel like its strange
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LIE DETECTOR TEST W/ MY SISTER AND HER "BOYFRIEND" Boyfriend Tag! | Bailey & Asa 9 months ago   07:20

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