Giving my Man What he REALLY Wants 한국인과 일본인이 사귀는 이유? 1 day ago   14:57

rachel rose diary
What does Andy love more than me or his mom? Otters. For his birthday this year I gave my man what he REALLY wants - to witness the raw cute power of otters doing otter things. Seriously, he would do almost anything to own an otter as a pet.

Seoul's COEX Aquarium is located in the COEX Mall, and has a guided floor plan, similar to Ikea. The otters are fed Monday through Friday at 4pm, when a worker comes out to educate the crowd and throw some shrimp into the water.

The aquarium itself was actually really cool and interesting, and we left feeling more impressed than we anticipated! Would definitely recommend!

Posting time is being moved to Sunday nights, now, to allow Andy some time for Korean subtitles. Although more of an effort will be made towards Korean subtitles, there are no promises - we both lead busy lives, and subtitles may be slow some weeks and nonexistent in others. Nonetheless, we are trying!

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rachel rose diary
한국어 자막 준비 완료! 🐋
korean subtitles are live 🦑
KorRus Family TV 코러스패밀리TV
잘보고 갑니다
In Russia
Kirsten Corbett
10.31 - I was always scared of these zebra turkeyfishes based on the mini wiki Animal Crossing provided (and that's if that IS a zebra turkeyfish, again based on my animal crossing knowledge lmao 😂😂)
Kirsten Corbett
Knowing that Andy played with frogs as a child kind of comforts(?) me because I was a weird child (still am btw) who spent hours in her holiday home collecting caterpillars 🐛
Kirsten Corbett
5.50 a good Cronch
Kirsten Corbett
3.38 - well would you look at that adorable Precious Bean™ 💕
Victoria Morgan
Sorry I couldn't get here sooner. I was working! The otters are so freaking cute! :) Korean subtitles are awesome to add to the videos! Will definitely have to add this aquarium to my list. Andy is so happy! XD Awww the otters are married. Do otters mate for life? I know some animals do.

What was up with the phone booth? XD

I love how you encourage the animals. XD

I find it interesting they wrote that note in the water in English.

So excited for the new stuff happening!
YoshiPeach Mario
I was worried for a moment that this video would be taken down...
Denise R
Before this posting I didn’t realize that I could watch with Hangul subs....I’m learning the language so the Hangul subs are awesome... thanks for including them ❤️
Mamoni Brahma
Mozaffar Mohoibi
He is so cute i want eat him
Kirsten Corbett
I'll watch this later after my recital but wow, I finally get the love of the otter socks!!
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한국인과 일본인이 사귀는 이유? Giving my Man What he REALLY Wants 1 day ago   05:48

국제연애하시는 분들 이쁜 연애하세요!!ㅎㅎ

아프리카 tv 일본인 BJ 유이뿅입니다.

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