Islamic Britain: the TRUTH about Muslim woman asks a question 4 months ago   10:24

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Documentary on integration, birth rates & segregation in places like Luton & Walsall. Featuring no go zones, grooming gangs and returning ISIS fighters.

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Shirley's Temple
Look at how pathetic ugly and disgusting and dirty they are just a bunch of disease disgusting useless parasites shouldn't even be allowed to talk or move..
Shirley's Temple
From Canada from Canadian citizens not Justin Trudeau I think Allah and Islam religion is not only barbaric it's disgusting and useless to the human race and should be banned for good everywhere they should go back to their own country and practice their religion there cuz we don't want it in Canada we never did we still don't Justin Trudeau should go be their prime minister not ours cuz we like our country the way it was before Justin Trudeau started giving it away to his Muslim buddy brothers..
Abhishek rampalli
karma is a real bitch!
Fadel Ibrahim
White people literally did this to the whole world in the 1600-1900s and now their complaining to a little taste gtfoh. Karma a bitch lol
Douglas Taggart
Even now the left-wing fools still don't believe this is happening
Peter MacKay
"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance." -- Barack Hussein Obama.
I can help you
Chris Creaser
- It is Because of the Left wing BBC (Boring,brainwashing Corporation) shit-stirring/anti-white/anarchistic MSM that america & the west & the white population are fucked!!... :(
Those 4 people raping that 16 years old girl, deserve nothing but being buried alive.
sunny zags
Why is the onus of welcoming refugees is only on European developed countries? Saudi, UAE, USA, they have a lot of money why don't they keep them or welcome them? The problem is Islam is more of a law than a religion. Liberals should stop quoting "Generalization just because of few". This is a dangerous precedence now as if something is so fucked up aruond the globe of course it can be generalized given the fact that all are not dangerous. A lot of muslims leave peacefully around the globe. These people do not understand rule of law and how to behave. They use a speaker when they parade for a festival. Why do we need to hear your prayers out loud? Accept the culture where you are living or get the fuck out.
We generally don't have any problem with Muslims in the US, most Muslims in the US accept US laws and culture. Most immigrants integrate into the larger communities where they live. Wonder why the same thing isn't happening in Europe.
Tim Peltier
That music 😡
Ikato Zhimomi
Islam is not a religion.. its a cult, a disease... It must be eradicated completely... According to quran whoever is not islam deserves death.. wtf is that.. muslims are threat to d world... All should unite n finish off islam once n for all
Charlie H
My sister lives in London, we are from Colorado (U.S), I told her to get a gun and be safe on the streets
background music?
Barry Barry
alla is NOT the gr8ist, the christian world is,just look up,there far far evolved than any other people on the earth, i gess thay are the gr8ist ???
1 subscriber Without any vids
Message from norway to all Muslims, just get the fuck out of our countries if you cant fucking control yourself
We have a good life here. Ummm thats why you dont go to live to your shithole ummm pretty clear. So if you like here behave like a human you f... bearded animal
Muryum Muhmoodullah
Lmaoo... this is actually humour!😂 everyone scream! Muslims make up less than 5%👻👻👻😱 scary!... 😂😂😂😂
And speaking of the poor 16 year old girl who was gang raped... had she been the same 16 year old, gang rapped at a party by 3 white dudes... instead she would have been questioned on how she was dressed, and if she said "no", or if she was drunk, and theyd make excuses for those boys.. and brush it off like they normally do. Aka Double Standards in plain and simple English.
Finally, if u wana stop extremism, stop teaching Muslim youth their existence is a crime and something be feared. Because if u DON'T STOP, these Muslim youth will GROW to EMBRACE the title YOU gave them.. and that's no ones fault but ur own.. stop being a brainless cow and succumbing to fear mongering.. u did this to the blacks, you did this to the Jews, u did this to everyone who isn't white and Christian, and now ur doing it to the Muslims... lmaooo... it's gettin old fam.. it's about time this country stops losing to itself by creating a problem.. and pretending to try and solve it
.. get used to it you'll always have immigrants... something u should have thought of before u invaded every frekin country on the planet..🤔 ikr u just should've thought of it!... well now you're just paying the price. So, learn to live nicely with other people and stop discriminating. And CUT your white supremacy, because that's terrorism.
ankush kumar
Start shooting them... The rape cases will go down by 💯% in no time
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Muslim woman asks a question Islamic Britain: the TRUTH about 4 months ago   04:41

This woman tells the truth and i salute her!

I dont censorship comments. Write what is on your mind, but don't spam!

From Wikipedia: "She frequently speaks at American conservative organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Christians United for Israel, Evangelicals and Jewish groups. In her own words, she gives voice to "what many in America are thinking but afraid to say out loud, for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant."

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