Islamic Britain: the TRUTH about Muslim woman asks a question 3 weeks ago   10:24

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Documentary on integration, birth rates & segregation in places like Luton & Walsall. Featuring no go zones, grooming gangs and returning ISIS fighters.

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ardy texn
TRUTH IS NOT RACIST.......muslims are a disease.... fatal cancer
Akhil TT
Lol so many dumb people in the comment chains
lauren c
This is all planned, corrupt leaders of all countries to have open borders, mass welfare immigration eventual civil war
once all countries are bankrupt the elites take over the banking system and agenda 21 is put into place!!!
Jennifer Kendall
There hear to take over😂
Don’t mind taking benefits England is gone England is gone England is gone englarabia englarabia flying carpets camels are next Mohammed most popular name England there taking all your woman and converting them England is gone England is gone England is gone England is gone
This is how war is waged today
Happy Bear
Muslims have no place here.
Smart.. bringing in a culture 500 years behind yours to your lands.... I can't see a problem.
Lee knows
I don't care what religion you believe in... if you believe in any of that bull shit you need to be locked in a mental home. Thick cunts can't think for them selves and believe whatever a stupid book says with no proof at all
Cindy Rogers Yupi
U.K. You are dom, long as your COWARDS Brown nose WHITE official KEEPING thier NOSE Brown as those immigrants in U.K. .U.K. you are Dom for good.
send them back before its to late
Mickey Conrad
"Grooming gangs?" ANIMALS--It is "RAPING GANGS." Call it what it is and stop using soft words to create sympathy for this pigs.
Send them packing
Andre Ledo
6:34 he's smoking cut off his hands
Owen Grant
Jai Shree Ram
This is the future for whole Europe, thanks to all people who vote on Left parties.
Hunny L
"Islam is about Peace"????
All the terrorists all over the world are Muslims.. Who can deny it. We give them Freedom and democracy and they use it against us. They take advantage of our kindness. Look what's happening in Sweden, Norway, Germany where ever the so called Refugees went they destroyed that country. Now there are places where even the police is scared to go or patrol.
What is the European countries doing!?
Hunny L
Whatever Trump did was absolute RIGHT! ban them or Yes! They will take over
No go zone are here in the USA too. This Islamic scum needs to be eradicated . All those cousin, cousin marriages and deformed children burden on the welfare system. Is it worth letting these people come to your country and putting them on a government check. Really just put a stop to it we are loosing our countries to Sharia law and nothing good will come from it. Non Muslim people will go extinct in no time at all and our grand children will no longer have the freedoms we enjoyed. Fight this Islamic plague our freedom is at stake. Start by kicking liberal politicians out of office.
Pink Boy
Atheist population needs to rise and banned all religions
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Muslim woman asks a question Islamic Britain: the TRUTH about 3 weeks ago   04:41

This woman tells the truth and i salute her!

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From Wikipedia: "She frequently speaks at American conservative organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, Christians United for Israel, Evangelicals and Jewish groups. In her own words, she gives voice to "what many in America are thinking but afraid to say out loud, for fear of being labeled a racist, bigot, Islamophobic, or intolerant."

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