SML Movie: Jeffy's Drone! SML Movie: Jeffy's Paper Shredder! 2 weeks ago   19:44

Jeffy gets a drone and causes a big mess!
Buy your own Jeffy puppet here:

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Any other gaming channel YT
Boeing 787
Logan Crespo
I’m in your house in a diaper and just peed
Logan Crespo
Tito come outside Easter egg music wach the YouTube video
please get rid of jeffy. he was funny at first, but now your just milking him and everything he does for as much money as possible, you crook
Logan Crespo
Jeffy has a point he never said to fly it low
peytongamerTV PGTV
At 5:51 you spelled passengers wrong
Am I the only one who understands the "He died in 2001" Joke?
Mohammed Ali
Sml ideas: mr.goodman is broke
Linden Lyon
What doing uh uh uhhh!!!
whitney hernandez
Having the lights out when taking a shower
Jamari Edouard
Yo jeffy is a savage
this is density
I got the puppet
Meyers Home
I cant believe they made fun of 9/11 like if you also think it is wrong
Elsa Demolli
bro your so cool
Helium Biscuit
Bring back Rossana
Ps4 Guy whose dum
13:36 i laughed😂
paul Moser
Awesome video
10,000 subs With no videos?
Jeffy is glad the plane crashed because of 7 ate 9 the back of plane says 777 jeffy scariest fear
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SML Movie: Jeffy's Paper Shredder! SML Movie: Jeffy's Drone! 2 weeks ago   11:35

Mario gives Jeffy a Paper Shredder!

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