SML Movie: Jeffy's Drone! SML Movie: Jeffy's Paper Shredder! 3 months ago   19:44

Jeffy gets a drone and causes a big mess!
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Jacob Pearson
Mario what Jeffy that was you!!!! I told you not to fly outside damn it

Of f**k that daddy
Aronas Peciulaitis
It's not 15 hundred dollars it's 1thousand 500
chico nationz
Was brooklyn using a mouse as a radio
Messiah Lugo
917 to harsh
xXslateXx pro
9:15 is a 911 joke
Daniel Mills
The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when I was in a car crash and split my head and got 7 stitches in my head btw u could see my skull
Edyn Hebert
What about his pa pa johns job
Mitchell Mcbride
Junior wrestling Game Boy Advance SP.
Brandon Vargas
You payed 1,499.25
RAVE Toothbrush
SML not to be mean I love your channel but that 9/11 joke is not funny 100s of people died and a lot of people's family died so that's mean and disrespectful to a lot of people that's why a lot of people hate the channel
Hey its me Trevor
The scariest thing was when T Series passed PewDiePie in subs
Unholy User_
Jeffy kind of sounds like Neebs when he screams loudly.
funny man
Stupid ass
Lps Crazy Emily
I have 2 drones
Lps Crazy Emily
I have a bron
Tommy Peterson
i have a ps4
Brandon Games
At 9:16 Brooklyn Guy said Mr plane crash guy was my brother he died in 2001 is Brooklyn guy referencing 911?
kirby_ 1
It was not Mario's fault Jeffy is like 15 come on
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SML Movie: Jeffy's Paper Shredder! SML Movie: Jeffy's Drone! 3 months ago   11:35

Mario gives Jeffy a Paper Shredder!

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